Album: P14: Brave New World
Artist: various artists
2013 TeamRock

1. Sound of Contact: "Pale Blue Dot" [Collins/Kerzner/Nordstrum] (4:46)
2. Wisdom of Crowds: "Frozen North" [Soord/Wilks] (6:33)
3. The Tirith: "The Daughter of the Water" [Cox] (6:49)
4. Days Between Stations: "Eggshell Man" [Bills/Samzadeh] (12:00)
5. Luna Rossa: "Gasp" [Helder] (4:23)
6. Nosound: "I Miss the Ground" [Erra] (5:00)
7. Franck Carducci: "Alice's Eerie Dream" [Carducci] (6:29)
8. The Grand Astoria: "Space Orchid Vs Massive Drumkit" [Sharapodinov] (5:24)
9. Vespero: "Red Machine" [Fedotov] (8:02)
10. J. Crist: "Thank You" [Crist] (4:11)

Notes: Cover mount CD for the June 2013 issue of Prog magazine (#36). "Eggshell Man" is from Days Between Stations' album In Extremis and features Billy Sherwood, Peter Banks, Rick Wakeman and Tony Levin. (HP, 22 Jun 13)
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