Album: P15: Tangerine Dreaming
Artist: various artists
2013 TeamTock
Bonus CD with Prog magazine

1. Rovo & System 7: "Hinotori" [Hillage/Giraudy] (5:07)
2. Beyond O Matic: "Wish" [Fuhry/Stenzel/Koufsos] (7:49)
3. Shineback (feat. Dec Burke): "Fears Aren't Toys" [Godfrey/Ramsay] (5:21)
4. The Windmill: "Not Alone" [Viita/Clason/Borgen] (9:12)
5. Telergy: "Accusations" [McClung] (9:20)
6. Days Between Stations: "In Utero/Visionary" [Bills/Samzadeh] (12:47)
7. Szygy: "Coronation" [Baldassare/Giunta] (9:44)

Notes: One of Prog magazine's regular cover CDs: track (6) is taken from Days Between Stations' In Extremis and features both Billy Sherwood and Tony Levin. Another piece from the album was on the previous month's covermount. (HP, 21 Oct 17)
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