Album: Reduction
Artist: Peter Banks
1997 HTD Records Limited

Peter Banks: guitars, guitar synth

Produced, arranged and composed by Peter Banks
Recorded at Basically Portable, London, in spring-summer 1997
Album assembled by Peter Banks and Gerard Johnson, 22 Jul 1997

1. Diminuendo in Bloom (1:38)
2. Tone Down (6:57)
3. The Age of Distortion (4:28)
4. Fade to Blue (2:49)
5. Fathat (3:49)
6. As Night Falls... (2:32)
7. Consolation in Isolation (4:24)
8. Dirty Little Secret (3:59)
9. As Ever (2:09)
10. Pirate's Pleasure (4:20)
11. Rosa Nova (9:11)

Notes: (1) includes a brief clip from Syn's "Flowerman".

Some retailers list an alternate track list, namely: "Fade to Blue", "Dirty Little Secret", "As Night Falls", "Pirate's Pleasure", "Rosa Nova", "Fathat", "Age of Distortion", "Sleep on It", "Knuckledust", "No Strings", "2000 Lies". It is unclear from where this track listing comes, but the album was never released in that form. (HP, 7 Dec 03; updated 3 Jun 2006)

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