Album:  Refugee
Artist:  Refugee
1974 - The Famous Charisma Label - Distrib by Atlantic
LP - FC 6066

Band members:
Patrick Moraz - Organ, Mini-Moogs, AKS Synthesizer, Piano, Clavinet,
Pipe Organ, Mellotron, Marimbaphone, Alpine Horn, Electronic Slinky,
Electric Piano, Occasional vocals

Brian Davison - Drums, Timpani, Gongs, Tibetan Temple Bells, African
Drums, Kabassa, Broken glass

Lee Jackson - Bass, Electric Cello, Guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar,
lead vocals

Papillon (Moraz) 5:10
Someday (Moraz, Jackson) 5:02
Grand Canyon Suite (Moraz, Jackson) 16:46
Gatecrasher (Moraz) 1:02
Ritt Mickley (Moraz) 4:52
Credo (Moraz, Jackson) 18:04

Comments: Great mid-70's Progressive Rock (more like ELP than anything
else). Jackson's vocals are annoying, but the keyboards dominate, and
that's what you came for, right?
Thanks to Kevin Rosenstein for providing this information.

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