Album: Rhapsodies
Artist: Rick Wakeman 1979
A&M Records double LP
A&M SP-6501

Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Bruce Lynch: bass guitars
Frank Gibson: drums and percussion
Nico Ramsden: electric guitar
Tony Visconti: acoustic guitar

Produced by Tony Visconti

Pedra da Gavea (4:11)
Front Line (3:42)
Bombay Duck (3:14)
Animal Showdown (2:40) (Yes We Have no Bananas) (Wakeman/Silver/Cohn)
Big Ben (3:48)
Rhapsody in Blue (5:26) (George Gershwin; arr. Tony Visconti)
Wooly Willy Tango (3:24)
The Pulse (5:21)
Swan Lager (2:50) (music taken from Tchaikovski's "Swan Lake" and Grieg's pianoforte "Concerto in A Minor"; arr. Rick Wakeman)

March of the Gladiators (4:53)
Flacons de Neige (5:01)
The Flasher (5:32)
The Palais (2:23)
Stand-By (3:30)
Sea Horses (3:52)
Half Holiday (3:00)
Summertime (4:27) (Georege Gershwin; arr. Rick Wakeman)

Comments: gatefold jacket. Each to their own, but "Summertime" is the standout track. Best nes: NO singing!!!

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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