Album: Rock of Faith
Artist: John Wetton
2003 Giant Electric Pea
CD: GEPCD 1033 / SPV 085-65592 CD

Band members:
John Wetton: lead and harmony vocal, acoustic guitar, bass, keys
Clive Nolan: keys, monk
John Mitchell: electric guitars
Steve Christey: drums
Geoffrey Downes: Virtual Grand, B4

Martin Orford: flute
Hugh McDowell: cello (4)
Peter Gee: fretless bass (2)
Tim Garland: alto saxophone

Orkestra Isola di Cani, arranged by Mike Stobbie

Produced by John Wetton/Clive Nolan/Karl Groom
Engineered by Karl Groom
Recorded and mixed at Thin Ice Studios, Surrey, UK, Sep-Nov 2002
Mastered by Chris Blair
Sleeve by Mixed Images Ltd
Photography by Michael Inns
Management: Martin Darvill

(c) 2002 (1-3, 5-7, 9-11), 2000 (8)

1. Mondrago [Wetton] (2:13)
2. Rock of Faith [Wetton/Nolan] (3:57)
3. A New Day [Wetton] (5:16)
4. I've Come to Take You Home [Wetton/Downes] (4:39)
5. Who will Light a Candle? [Wetton/Richard Palmer-James] (3:39)
6. Nothing's Gonna Stand in Our Way [Wetton/Susan Shifrin] (5:37)
7. Altro Mondo [Wetton] (3:42)
8. I Believe in You [Wetton] (5:23)
9. Take Me to the Waterline [Wetton/John Young] (6:09)
10. I Lay Down [Wetton/Downes] (4:04)
11. When You were Young [Wetton] (1:35)

Arranged by Wetton/Nolan

Notes: The performance credits are not entirely clear as to who plays on which tracks. I presume, for example, that Downes only plays on his two co-writes. Rock of Faith saw Wetton and Downes working together for the first time in a decade and was the beginnings of the Wetton/Downes band that released an album in 2005.

(1) and (7) are instrumental pieces, while (11) is sung a cappella with a multitracked Wetton.

The album was dedicated in memoriam to Mike Stone (1951-2002) who, among other things, produced the first Asia albums. (HP, 6 Dec 05)

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