Album: Sea Airs
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1989 President Records

Rick Wakeman: piano

Produced by Rick Wakeman

Harbour Lights (5:16)
The Pirate (4:40)
Storm Clouds (3:34)
Lost at Sea (3:26)
The Mermaid (3:26)
Waves (3:30)
The Fisherman (3:31)
Flying fish (3:15)
The Marie Celeste (4:38)
Time and Tide (4:03)
The Lone Sailor (3:44)
The Sailor's Lament (4:36)

Comments: From the Rick Wakeman New Age Collection; part of a piano 
trilogy which also includes "Country Airs" and "Night Airs".
In spite of the NEW AGE label, this music owes as much to Rick's 
classical training as it does to George Winston or Liz Story. It is 
pleasant and unintrusive, straight forward compositions without a lot 
of flashy showing off.

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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