Album: Secret Wish
Artist: Propaganda
LP: 207 027-8

Band members:
Ralf Dorper: keys
Michael Mertens: percussion
Susanne Freytag: vocals
Claudia Brucken: vocals
Andreas Thein: programming

PROPAGANDA acknowledge the participation, with some voices and instruments, of:
Andrew Richards, Steve Howe, David Sylvian, Glenn Gregory, Trevor Horn, Johnathan Sorrell, Ian Mosley

Produced by S.J. Lipson
Mixed and matched by S.J. Lipson and Trevor Horn

1. Dream Within a Dream [words: Edgar Allan Poe] (8:04)
2. The Murder Of Love [Mertens/Dorper/Brucken/Freytag] (5:13)
3. Jewel/Duel [ (Mertens/Dorper/Brucken/Freytag] (3:10/4:47)
4. P - Machinery [Mertens/Dorper/Brucken/Freytag] (3:49)
5. Sorry For Laughing [Paul Haig/Malcolm Ross] (3:27)
6. Dr. Mabuse (First Life) [Mertens/Dorper/Thein] (5:03)
7. The Chase [Mertens/Dorper/Brucken/Freytag] (4:05)
8. The Last Word [Mertens/Dorper/Brucken/Freytag] (3:01)
9. Strength To Dream

Notes: (*****) There are no credits to (9) on the disc, but it is a reprise of (1). One can hardly hear (or at least tell) any performances by Howe or Horn, or by the other guests, but the whole record bears a strong resemblance to Trevor Horn's ZTT label sound (Art of Noise, Frankie Goes to Hollywood etc.). (Yuriy Romanets; additional notes, HP, 6 Apr 03)

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