Album: Shadows and Reflections
Artist: Geoffrey Downes
2003 Blueprint (Voiceprint)

Geoffrey Downes: programming

Written, performed, engineered and produced by Geoffrey Downes
Recorded on Apple G4, E-magic Logic Audio, MOTU Audio Desk 2408
Recorded at Loco Studios (Studio B), South Wales, UK

Executive producer: Rob Ayling
Mastered by Dallas Simpson
Artwork: Mark Wilkinson
Photos: Ace Trump and Mike Inns
Liner notes by David Gallant

1. Shadows (22:22)
2. Reflections (33:20)

Notes: Two ambient pieces begun in 2001. A part of (1) was previewed on the Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol. 3 compilation. (HP, 12 May 03)

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