Album: Silent Nights
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1985 TBG/President Records

Rick Wakeman: keyboards; vocals on #8
Tony Fernandez: drums and percussion on all tracks
Chas Cronk: bass on all tracks
Rick Fenn: guitars on all tracks except #6
Bimbo Acock: saxophone on # 3 and # 8
Gordon Neville: lead vocal on all tracks except #4, #8, and #9; backing vocals on all tracks except #1, #4, and #9.
Tony Burrows: backing vocals on all tracks except #4, #5, #9, and #10
Val McKenna: backing vocals on #7
Alan Carvell: backing vocals on #1
Sue Glover: backing vocals on #3 and #5
Sonny Leslie: backing vocals on # 5
John Kirby: backing vocals on #5

Produced by

1. Tell 'Em All You Know (3:25)
2. The Opening Line (3:43)
3. The Opera (6:25)
4. Man's Best Friend (4:20)
5. Glory Boys (3:15)
6. Silent Nights (3:54)
7. Ghost of a Rock 'n' Roll Star (3:30)
8. The Dancer (3:15)
9. Elgin Mansions (5:20)
10. That's Who I Am (4:15)

Comments: CD was reissued later, and was not available in 1985. The lyrics are included in the CD booklet, and were not in my copy of the LP. Actually, this recording is quite enjoyable, humorous in places, and nearly approaching Rock in others. Rick even sings on #8, but through a megaphone effect, so you still can't tell what he sounds like. I don't know if the "Ghost" was supposed to be any more autobiographical than Tull's "Too Old to Rock & Roll...", but it is more amusing. (appendex rhymes with Jimmy Hendrix, and "There's more grooves on his face than on his latest LP")

Thanks to Greg Predmore for providing this information

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