Yes- Drama

Album: SoloShowSongs
Artist: Jon Anderson
2005 Opio Media

Design: John Amick
Photo: Jorge Padeiro

1. Richard [Anderson]
2. Owner of a Lonely Heart [Rabin/Anderson/Squire/Horn]
3. Piano Songs [Anderson]
4. Wonderous Stories [Anderson]

Notes: This CD-R was available on sale at Anderson's live solo dates in late 2005 and early 2006, having been recorded during the European leg of his "Tour of the Universe" in Sep/Oct 2005. "Piano Songs" is a medley consisting of, I believe, "Set Sail", "Close to the Edge" (excerpt), "Who Could Imagine?", "The Revealing Science of God" (opening chant). (HP, 13 May 06; thanks to Shoji Yamada)

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