Single: Sound of the Underground
Artist: Girls Aloud
2002 Polydor Ltd.
CD single: 0658272

Girls Aloud: vocals
Tim Powell: keys, programming (1, 3)
Matt Gray: keys, programming (1, 3)
Nick Coler: keys, programming (1, 3)
Tim 'Rolf' Larcombe: keys, programming (1, 3)
Andrew Murray: keys (2)
Christian Ballard: drums (2)
Denis Ingoldsby: drum programming (2)
Shawn Lee: guitars (1, 3)
Milton McDonald: guitar (2)
Easther Bennett: additional backing vocals (2)
Jane Vaughan: additional backing vocals (2)
Beatrix Lovejoy, Benedict Cruft, Boguslav Kostecki, Chris Tombling, David Emanuel, Eddie Roberts, Gavyn Wright [string leader], Jonathan Evans Jones, Julian Leaper, Liz Edwards, Mark Berrow, Perry Montague-Mason, Rachel Allen, Simon Fischer, Thomas Bowes, Warren Zielinski: violins (2)
Bob Smissen, Bruce White, Gustav Clarkson, Peter Lale: violas (2)
Anthony Pleeth, David Daniels, Martin Loveday, Naomi Wright: cellos (2)
Chris Laurence: double bass (2)

Produced by Brian Higgins/Xenomania (1, 3), Denis Ingoldsby/Andrew Murray/Christian Ballard (2)
Mix and additional production: Jeremy Wheatley (1, 3)
Recording/mix engineer, Protools: Mads Bjerke (2)
Additional engineering: Adam Brown (2), Tom Stanley (2)
Strings recorded by Jon Bailey (2)
Mastered by Dick Beetham

Photography by David Venni & Mario Gowelski
Art direction: Zip Design

1. Sound of the Underground [Miranda Cooper/Niara Scarlett/Brian Higgins/Xenomania] (3:43)
2. Stay Another Day [Anthony Michael Mortimer/Dominic Julian Harken/Rob Kean] (4:24)
3. Sound of the Underground Remix [Miranda Cooper/Niara Scarlett/Brian Higgins/Xenomania] (4:37)

Strings arranged and conducted by Nick Ingman (2)

Notes: (**) Another reality TV show creation, Girls Aloud were the winners of "Popstars—The Rivals" (UK TV), which pitted a boy band against a girl band, both bands selected by the viewers. As you would expect, "Sound of the Underground" was a big hit. "Stay Another Day" is a cover of a song originally performed by boy band East 17. (HP, 13 Aug 04)

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