Album: Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron: Music from the Original Motion Picture
Artist: Bryan Adams/Hans Zimmer
2002 A&M Records
CD: 493 304-2

Bryan Adams: vocals, bass, acoustic and electric guitar
Keith Scott: guitar
Mickey Curry: drums
Hector Pereira: acoustic and electric guitar
Davey Johnstone: electric guitar
David Channing: 12-string guitar
Martin Tillman: electric cello
Craig Eastman: fiddle
Pointless Brothers: background vocals
Gavin Greenaway: keys, programming
Pat Leonard: keys, programming
Steve Jablonsky: keys, programming
Hans Zimmer: keys, programming
Mel Wesson: keys, programming

Additional musicians:
Matt Mahafey: whistling (4), drums (4), backing vocals (4), keys (4)
Ashwin Sood: drums (6)
Sarah McLachlan: vocals (6), acoustic piano (6)

Orchestra conducted by Gavin Greenaway
Concertmaster: Perry Montague Mason

Produced by Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis (1), Patrick Leonard/Bryan Adams (2), Gavin Greenaway/Bryan Adams (3, 6-8, 15), Matt Mahafey/Bryan Adams (4), Steve Jablonsky/Bryan Adams (5), Gavin Greenaway (9), Hans Zimmer/Jay Rifkin (10-13), Hans Zimmer/Gavin Greenaway/Bryan Adams (14)
Additional production by Gavin Greenaway (2)
Engineered by Steve Hodge/Kevin Globerman (1), Michael Verdick/Kevin Globerman/Kevin Churko (2), Slamm Andrews (3), Kevin Globerman/Slamm Andrews/Phil Western (5), Kevin Globerman/Joel Richard/Chris Potter/Kevin Churko (6)
Additional engineering by David Channing/Terry Manning (2)
Assisted by Katrina Leigh/Brian Vibberts (2)

Executive film music producer: Jay Rifkin
Music supervisor: Marylata E Jacob
Additional music: Steve Jablonsky
Supervising music editor: Slamm Andrews
Music editor: Robb Royd
Music recorded by Slamm Andrews
Songs mixed (1-12, 14, 15) by Bob Clearmountain, assisted by Kevin Harp
Film score (10-13) mixed by Alan Meyerson
Studio assistants: Kevin Churko, Kevin Globerman, Gregg W Silk
Orchestra recorded by Geoff Foster, assisted by Michael Price/Jake Jackson/Adam Noble

1. Here I Am (End Title) [Adams/Gretchen Peters/Zimmer] (4:44)
2. I will Always Return [Adams/RJ Lange/Zimmer] (3:58)
3. You Can't Take Me [Adams/Greenaway/Lange] (2:56)
4. Get Off My Back [Adams/Eliot Kennedy] (2:50)
5. Brothers Under the Sun [Adams/Jablonsky/Peters] (3:58)
6. Don't Let Go [Adams/Greenaway/Lange/Peters] (4:02)
7. This is Where I Belong [Adams/Lange/Zimmer] (2:21)
8. Here I Am [Adams/Peters/Zimmer] (4:32)
9. Sound the Bugle [Greenaway/Trevor Horn] (3:55)
10. Run Free [Zimmer] (6:21)
11. Homeland (Main Title) [Zimmer] (3:42)
12. Rain [Zimmer] (2:51)
13. The Long Road Back [Zimmer] (7:11)
14. Nothing I've Ever Known [Adams/Kennedy/Zimmer] (3:52)
15. I will Always Return (Finale) [Adams/Lange/Zimmer] (2:46)

Additional arrangements by Jim Dooley/Rupert Gregson-Williams/Mel Wesson

Notes: Many people have little respect for Bryan Adams' work and this album isn't going to change that. I have no idea how Horn came to co-write a song, but he has a long history of work with Hans Zimmer. (HP, 29 Apr 06)

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