Album: Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie's Berlin
Artist: Dylan Howe
2014 Motorik Recordings
CD: MR1004

Dylan Howe: drums (all), synths (5, 8, 9)
Mark Hodgson: double bass (1-4, 6, 7)
Ross Stanley: piano (all), synths (1-4, 6, 7)
Julian Siegel: sax (1-4, 6, 7)
Brandon Allen: sax (2), sax solos (1, 3, 4, 7)
Nick Pini: double bass (5, 8)
Steve Howe: koto (9)
Adrian Utley: guitar intro (7)

Produced and directed by D Howe
Edit/mix/master: Will Worsley
Executive producers: Elli McIlhany, Juan Arcas, John Kuehne, Cristiano Massaro
Graphic design: Marc Bessant
Photos: Zoë Howe, D Howe, Victoria Harley

1. "Subterraneans" (8:23) [David Bowie; arr. D Howe]
2. "Weeping Wall" (7:05) [Bowie; arr. D Howe/Stanley]
3. "All Saints" (10:04) [Bowie; arr. D Howe]
4. "Some Are" (6:29) [Bowie; arr. D Howe]
5. "Neukoln - Night" (5:00) [Bowie/Brian Eno; arr. D Howe]
6. "Art Decade" (4:41) [Bowie; arr. D Howe]
7. "Warszawa" (11:08) [Bowie/Eno; arr. D Howe/Stanley/Allen]
8. "Neukoln - Day" (5:29) [Bowie/Eno; arr. D Howe]
9. "Moss Garden" (6:23) [Bowie/Eno; arr. D Howe]

Notes: (*****) Ross Stanley and Dylan Howe form the Steve Howe Trio with dad Steve. The main other players on this album have worked regularly with Dylan in recent years. The project dates back to 2007. As Dylan Howe and the Subterreaneans, demos of four pieces ("Art Decade", "Warszawa", "V2 Schneider", "Some Are") were recorded in Mar/Apr 2007 and could be heard online. "Warszawa" was also included on Dylan's Translations 2 solo album. Produced by Dylan, those recordings featured a quintet of D Howe/Stanley/Allen/Chris Hill (double bass)/Quentin Collins (trumpet), with Adrian Utley (Portishead), Gilad Atzmon (alto sax), Ben Davis (cello), Nalyd Ewoh (vocals on "Some Are"). There was a "work in progress" launch in Nov 2007 in London with a line-up of D Howe, Stanley, Hill, Robbie Robson (trumpet), Sam Crockatt (sax) with Utley, Atzmon, The Solid Strings (Sonia Slany—violin, Stuart Hall—violin, Steve Tees—viola, Nick Cooper—cello), Tim Dickinson (vocals), plus Hugh Cornwell (ex-The Stranglers) as featured guest vocalist.

The project then developed over some years, with Dylan launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 to fund the editing, mixing, mastering and release of what he had already recorded. This had various options (including the executive producer credits seen above), with a digital version of the album sent to supporters in December 2013 and physical copies of the album shipping February 2014.

The result is fantastic, a beautifully constructed album, sometimes contemplative, sometimes hard bop, as Dylan and team explore re-imagine the instrumentals from David Bowie's 1977 albums Low and "Heroes". (HP, 12 Feb 14)
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