Single: SunSunSunrise / ゆるとぴあ [期間生産限定盤]
Artist: 9nine
2017 Sony Music
CD: SECL 2188-9

Produced by Trevor Horn (1), Dé Dé Mouse [a.k.a. Daisuke Endo] (2)

Disc 1 (CD):
1. "SunSunSunrise" [lyr: Kohei Tsunami; mus: Trevor Horn/Simon Bloor/Cameron Gower Poole] (4:08)
2. "ゆるとぴあ" [lyr: Shin Furuya; mus: Daisuke Endo] (3:55)
3. "ケセラセラヴ" [lyr: Rie Otsuka; mus: Kohei Tsunami] (4:19)
4. "SunSunSunrise (アニメ「ザ・リフレクション」ver.)" (1:44)
5. "ゆるとぴあ (Instrumental)" (3:55)
6. "ケセラセラヴ (Instrumental)" (4:19)

Disc 2 (DVD):
1. SunSunSunrise Music Video (4:11)
2. SunSunSunrise (2:04)

Arranged by Daisuke Endo (2), Kohei Tsunami (3)

Notes: This is one of several versions of the single "SunSunSunrise", the end theme for the anime series The Reflection that Horn worked on. The music video is a classic, generic J-pop video intercut with scenes from the show, while the second is the end credit animation.

The b-sides are very J-poppy... (HP, 28 Aug 17)
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