Album: Syndestructible
Artist: The Syn
2005 Umbrello Records PLC (distributed by Nova via Pinnacle)

Band members:
Stephen Nardelli: vocals
Chris Squire: bass, vocals
Paul Stacey: guitars, vocals
Gerard Johnson: keys, vocals
Jeremy Stacey: drums

Produced by Paul Stacey/Gerard Johnson
Mixed and engineered by Paul Stacey
Assistant engineers: Chris Harrison, Jamie Selway, Henry Phillpotts
Mastered by Ian Cooper

Cover designed by Mark Bown, layout by Colin Usher
Band photo by Martyn Adelman
Squire/Nardelli (back cover) photo by Tony McGee

1. Breaking Down Walls [Nardelli/Squire/P Stacey] (0:51)
2. Some Time, Some Way [Nardelli/Squire/P Stacey/Johnson] (7:56)
3. Reach Outro [Nardelli/Squire/P Stacey/Johnson] (3:38)
4. Cathedral of Love [Nardelli/Squire/Johnson/Hamish Brewer] (8:58)
5. City of Dreams [Nardelli/Squire] (9:38)
6. Golden Age [Nardelli/Squire] (8:07)
7. The Promise [Nardelli/Squire/P Stacey/Johnson] (13:28)

Notes: Tracks: "Breaking Down Walls" was originally part of "The Promise" (the whole piece originally being called "Breaking Down Walls"), broken off and brought forward to start the album. "Some Time, Some Way" was originally called "Reach Out", which explains the name of the subsequent track. The music is based on songs by Nardelli, but developed by the rest of the band. Nardelli wrote all the lyrics, save for a section in "Cathedral of Love" by Brewer/Johnson. 'Cathedral of Love' was released in a single edit.

The album grew out of a reunion of The Syn in 2004 (see Original Syn), but only two members of that line-up remain: Nardelli and Johnson. Squire was, of course, a member of the band first time round and they are joined here by Paul Stacey (who ownes the studio were the 2004 recordings mostly took place) and his twin brother Jeremy. Photographer Martyn Adelman used to drum in the Syn in the '60s and again in 2004; he also did photos for Close to the Edge. Earlier track listings included two other titles, "In the 21st Century" and "Silent Revolution", but these were not used or finished. Earlier still, "Otto Umbrello and Friends" had also been considered for the album, but is not included either. The cover, including a new logo for the band, is by Mark Bown, who is the other half of Funky Monkey with keyboardist Gerard Johnson. The album name refers to how Squire and Nardelli have survived 40 years apart, yet could come back together to make an album. (HP, 27 Oct 05; updated 30 Oct 05; thanks to Steve Nardelli for a preview copy of the album)

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