Album: Tales from the Edge—A Tribute to the Music of Yes
Artist: various artists
2012 Mellow Records

Marco Bernard: bass
Kimmo Pörsti: drums, percussion
Steve Unruh: backing vocals, flute
Richard Marichal: Minimoog, piano, digital & analog synths
Ákos Bogáti-Bokor: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Jon Davison: lead & backing vocals
Kolumbán Zoltán: bass (on "Würm")

Mixed by Tommi Liuhala

Fausto Sidri: vocals
Luca Scherani: piano, synth, orchestral arrangement
Joanne Roan: flute
Sylvia Trabucco: violin
Nicola Periano: violin
Chiara Alberti: cello
Paolo Infusini: acoustic & electric guitars
Alessio Calandriello: vocals
Gabriele Guidi Colombi: bass
Andrea Orlando: drums

Recorded by Scherani; drums recorded by Nicola Sannino
Mixed & masted by Sannino

Maurizio Galia: piano, keys, synth
Nicola Guerriero: rhythm guitar
Enrico Testera: bass
Carlo Bellotti: drums
Marco Giacone Griva: lead guitar
Sergio Cagliero: Hammond, keys
Silvia Delfino: vocals

Recorded by Paolo Varello
Mixed by Tony Mastrulli
Produced by Galia

Carlo Berreca: basses, synth bass

Jaime Scalpello: vocals
José Luis Ramos: bass
Claudio Momberg: keys, guitar, drums

Produced & engineered by Momberg

Jacob Holm-Lupo: keys, percussion, hand-claps
Rhys Marsh: vocals

Mixed & engineered by Holm-Lupo

Eris Salvador: vocals
Fabio Bonacotta: bass, guitar
Alessandro Gugel: guitar
Alberto Lot: drums
Arnaldo De Vito: keys

Orchestration & arrangements by Marco Balbinot  & Mauro Bortolani
Sound engineer: Bortolani

Roberto Bovini: percussion, vocals
Tiziano "Titti" Bolzoni: bass
Bob Ranzi: keys, Vocoder

Claudio Cassio: vocals
Giorgio D'Ottavio: acoustic & electric guitars, steel guitar
Stefano Vicarelli: Hammond, electric piano, Minimoog, piano
Gabriele "Bibbi" Ferrari: bass, bass pedals

Recorded live in Rome, Sep 2010

Joel Rodriguez: guitar
Nestor Moya: bass, vocals
Miguel Diaz: keys
Mina Di Giorgio: drums

Recorded by Moya
Mixed by Phillip Morris

Marco Santinelli: drums
Luciano Tonetti: bass
Mauro Pini: vocals, additional keys
Stefano Onorati: keys, programming, arrangement
Daniele Pistocchi: electric guitars
Valentina Cantini: acoustic violin
Greta Merli: vocals

Recorded by Pistocchi/Onorati
Editing & mixing by Onorati

Michela Botti: vocals
Andrea Pavoni: electric piano, strings, percussion, arrangement
Alfredo De Donno: accoustic piano
Pierpaolo Cianca: acoustic guitar
Umberto Spiniello: drums
Stefano Colasanti: fretless bass

Recorded by Pavoni/Simone Pastore/Vladimiro Melchiorre
Drums recorded by Marco Ruggiero
Mixed by Pavoni

Ákos Bogáti-Bokor: guitars, lead & backing vocals
Csergö Domokos: drums
Enyedi Zsolt: keys
Kolumbán Zoltán: bass

Drums recorded by Tibor Bazsó
Mixed & engineered by Ákos Bogáti-Bokor
Produced by Yesterdays

Nadia Scherani: vocals
Scherani: piano, synth, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric bass, programming

Recorded by Scherani
Mixed & mastered by Sannino

Jay Tausig: vocals, electric & 12-string acoustic guitar, synths, bass, drums

Samuele Santanna: vocals, bass, acoustic & electric guitars
Fabrizio Trinci: keys, drum programming

Arranged by Santanna
Recorded & mixed by Tiziano Betti/Santanna

Rob Price: lead & backing vocals, drums, keys
John Eargle: electric guitars, keys, backing vocals
Dan Pomeroy: electric guitar, classical guitar
Tom More: bass
Jett Cheek: keys
Katie Price: violins
Anna Price: cello

Produced, engineered & mixed by Eargle

Maximiliano Sánchez: vocals
Andrés Saavedra: bass
Momberg: keys
Christian Claveria: guitars
Lalo Cuesta: drums

Produced & engineered by Momberg, assisted by Gisell Kiessling

Vicarelli: piano

Mixed by Maro Migliari

Simona Rigano: vocals, keys
Natale Russo: drums
Sabrina Rigano: sax
Mario Pollino: guitar
Gianluca Villa: bass

Sound engineer: Ottavio Leo
Produced by Conqueror

Piergiorgio Abba: keys
Sergio Giusto: acoustic & electric guitars, backing vocals
Gabriele Guidi Colombi: bass, bass pedals
Marco Vanali: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Roberto Vanali: lead & backing vocals

Engineer: Marco Vanali

Doug Erickson: acoustic guitars
Don Falcone: wind
Jerry Jeter: vocals
Rich Landar: mandolin
David Speight: drums
Mike Grimes: Hammond, piano
Pierce McDowell: bass
Bridget Wishart: background vocals, EWI, oboe, French horn

Produced by Falcone
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio

George Dobbs: lead vocals, electric piano, organ, synths, percussion
Robert James Pashman: bass, synths, backing vocals
Pat Kliesch: electric guitar, backing vocals
Eric Pseja: electric guitar, backing vocals
Aaron Nobel: drums, cymbals

Produced & engineered by Pashman/Kliesch/Dobbs
Mixed by Angelo Panetta

Alessandro Corvaglia: lead & backing vocals, keys, "The Corvaglizer", bass, drums, percussion
Matteo Nahum: guitars

Engineered by Roberto "Robbo" Vigo
Pre-production by Nahum

Marco Masoni: voice, bass, acoustic guitars, Mellotron
Edoardo Magoni: Moog, cello, strings
Giulio Collavoli: piano

Produced by Masoni
Arranged by Masoni/Magoni
Recorded & mixed by Masoni

Mark Gollihur: lead & backing vocals, bass, keys
Josh Sager: guitars, keys, backing vocals
Mike Ian: drums

Arranged by Din Within
Recorded & mixed by Gollihur, assisted by Sager
Drums recorded by Ian

Executive production & produced by Mauro Moroni
Mastered by Marco Olivotto
Sleeve layout, graphic design & original paintings by Maurizio Galia

Disc 1:
1. The Samurai of Prog: "Starship Trooper" [Anderson/Squire/Howe] (10:36)
2. Periplo: "To be Over" [Howe/White/Squire/Anderson/Moraz] (9:03)
3. Aquael: "Run Through the Light" [Downes/Horn/Howe/White/Squire] (4:26)
4. ZeroTheHero: "The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)" [Squire] (3:05)
5. SETI: "Machine Messiah" [Downes/Horn/Howe/White/Squire] (10:58)
6. The Opium Cartel: "Clear Days" [Anderson] (3:38)
7. Vanilla Project: "Heart of the Sunrise" [Anderson/Squire/Bruford] (8:44)
8. TenMidnight: "Tempus Fugit" [Anderson/Squire/Howe] (4:41)
9. Yessongs: "Siberian Khatru" [Anderson/Squire/Wakeman] (8:58)
10. B612: "Long Distance Runaround" [Anderson] (4:07)
11. Aurora Lunare: "Don't Kill the Whale" [Anderson/Squire] (5:03)
12. Greenwall: "Onward" [Squire] (3:39)
13. Yesterdays: "White Car" [Downes/Horn/Howe/White/Squire] (3:17)

Disc 2:
14. Luca Scherani: "Holy Lamb" [Anderson] (4:53)
15. Jay Tausig: "Wonderous Stories" [Anderson] (4:07)
16. Raven Sad: "Soon" [Anderson]  (4:07)
17. Supernal Endgame: "Parallels" [Squire] (6:20)
18. Subterra: "Shock to the System" [Anderson/Howe/Elias] (5:35)
19. Stefano Vicarelli: "Mood for a Day" [Howe] (4:05)
20. Conqueror: "Lift Me Up" [Rabin/Squire] (5:00)
21. Armalite: "Time and a Word (Sogno e Realta')" [Anderson/Foster; Italian lyrics: Roberto Vanali] (5:56)
22. Spirits Burning: "South Side of the Sky" [Anderson/Squire] (7:38)
23. 3RDegree: "Going for the One" [Anderson] (5:46)
24. Alessandro Corvaglia feat. Matteo Nahum: "And You and I" [Anderson/Bruford/Howe/Squire] (9:24)
25. Marco Masoni: "Show Me" [Anderson; includes a sample of "We Have Heaven" by Anderson] (4:52)
26. Din Within: "Changes" [Rabin/Anderson/White] (7:19)

Notes: Mellow Records have done large numbers of these prog tributes with various lesser known bands; the surprise is that it's taken them this long to do Yes. As an Italian label, most of the acts are Italian, but there is international representation as well. (1) is also on The Samurai of Prog's debut album, Undercover: between being recorded and now, guest vocalist Jon Davison joined Yes. Other Yes connections include Jay Tausig (15), who has worked with Billy Sherwood, and David Speight (on 22), who has worked with Pete Banks.

Originally, a 3CD release was promised and some additional acts were listed as to be involved, including Goad ("I'm Waiting"), Coscienza di Zeno ("Homeworld"), Roz Vitalis ("Yours is No Disgrace"), The Pravednicks' Band ("Awaken") and Mojo Pojo ("Close to the Edge").

The final result is a mixed bag. Some stick closer to the originals (like Yessongs), others depart in signifcant ways, so Vicarelli performs "Mood for a Day" on piano, while Yesterdays re-work and expand "White Car" and throw in a bit of The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star". (HP, 26 Jun 12)
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