Album: Tangletown
Artist: Michael Sherwood & Julius Robinson
Skywriter Productions
CD: SP1003

Band members:
Michael Sherwood: lead vocals, grand piano, B3, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
& pump organ; plus tambourine (1, 10, 11), O1-w B57 Silk Strings (6,
10), shaker (11)
Steve McCormick: guitars; plus vocals (2, 3, 6, 7, 11)
Jamie Chez: drums; plus vocals (2, 7, 8, 11)
Tom Felicetta: bass
Dorian Crozier: drums (2, 9)

Vocal arrangements: Christian Nesmith, Michael Sherwood; except on (14),
by Michael Sherwood, Tom Fletcher, Christian Nesmith
Horn arrangements (4): Steve McCormick, Don Markese
Woodwind arrangements (5): Don Markese, Michael Sherwood

Greg Ellis: percussion (1-3, 6, 13)
Paul Bushnell: bass (2)
Danny Peck: vocals (2, 13)
CC White: vocals (2, 4, 6-8, 11, 12)
Tollack: blues harp (2), harmonica (5)
Sally Shim: vocals (2, 9)
Wendy Lubow: vocals (2, 12)
Cameron Stone: cello (3, 6)
Michiko Fremond: vocals (3, 8)
Christian Nesmith: vocals (3, 12), guitar (7, 12)
Don Markese: saxophones (4, 5), bass clarinet (5), flutes (5)
Carl Saunders: trumpet (4)
Jim Goulden: percussion (4, 13)
Robin Bissell: vocals (6)
Janeen Heller: saw (7)
Billy Sherwood: vocals (7, 9, 11) <-----
Fren Asken: guitar (8)
Juliana DiMaggio: vocals (8), percussion (8)
Larry Antonio: bass (9)
MC Tahina: djembe (9)
King Hummus: vocals (9)
Adolphous: vocals (9)
Louis Molino: vocals (9)
Martin Tillman: cello (13)
Jimi Haun: guitar (14)
Stuart Killen: percussion (14)

Spoken word excerpts: Michael Sherwood, Christian Nesmith, Logan
Richards, Juliana DiMaggio, Danny Peck, King Hummus, Summ Kidd, Phyllis
& Bobby Sherwood, Robert Weedman

Tangletown pipers: Robert Weedman, CC White, Alex Uren, Sally Shim,
Cindi Robinson, Julius Robinson, Danny Peck, Sigi Morrison, Wendy Lubow,
Tom Fletcher, Michiko Freemond, Jason Ebs, Carolyn Caldera, Jamie Chez,
Trinka Bagetta, Stan Behrens, Ruth Brodsley. Choir director: Christian
Nesmith. Conductor: Michael Sherwood

Produced by Steve McCormick
Co-produced by Christian Nesmith with Jamie Chez and Tom Felitcetta
Except (14), produced by Steve McCormick and Tom Fletcher

1. Tangletown (M. Sherwood/Chez)
2. Angry as I Am (M. Sherwood)
3. Losing Faith (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
4. In the Meantime (Young/M. Sherwood/Robinson)
5. Stowaway (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
6. Walking on Water (Young/M. Sherwood/Robinson)
7. Learning to Breathe (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
8. http// (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
9. The Censor (M. Sherwood/Brik Warner)
10. The Thief (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
11. Steady as She Goes (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
12. These Times (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
13. Be Strong (M. Sherwood)
14. Where Has Everybody Gone? (M. Sherwood/Robinson)
15. untitled

Comments: ****
Michael Sherwood's first solo album is more akin to Peter Gabriel than
brother Billy's music. Billy's backing vocals on three tracks are
unnoticeable. Note also _Union_ and Chris Squire Experiment guitarist
Jimi Haun on "Where Has Everybody Gone?" and Yes engineer Tom Fletcher
in various roles; the liner notes thank "everyone who's ever been in

submitted by Henry Potts.

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