Album: The Birds of Satan
Artist: The Birds of Satan
2014 Shanabelle Records

Taylor Hawkins
Wiley Hodgen
Mick Murphy

John Davison
Dave Grohl
Drew Hester
Rami Jaffee
Mick Murphy
Pat Smear

Produced & engineered by John Lousteau
Mixed by Hester
Mastered by Bernie Grundman
Recorded at Studio 606
Additional recording & mixing at Regret Chamber Studio

Art direction & design: Morning Breath Inc.
Cover & back concept: Jeff Coffman & Tim Clohessy
Photos: Coffman
Band photos: Hans Hagen

1. "The Ballad of the Birds of Satan" [Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy] (9:31)
2. "Thanks for the Line" [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy] (3:40)
3. "Pieces of the Puzzle" [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy] (4:45)
4. "Raspberries" [Davison/Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Jaffee/Lousteau/Murphy] (4:08)
5. "Nothing at All" [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy] (2:57)
6. "Wait Til Tomorrow" [Grohl/Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Murphy] (3:13)
7. "Too Far Gone to See" [Hawkins/Hester/Hodgden/Lousteau/Smear] (5:45)

Notes: Minimalist credits don't give much away, but The Birds of Satan is a new band from Davison's childhood friend and Foo Fighters drummer Hawkins. The project is based on Hawkins' cover band Chevy Metal and is with Hawkins (drums, vocals, guitar, piano), Wiley Hodgden (bass, guitar, vocals) and Mick Murphy (guitar). Guests on the album include Davison (backing vocals on "Raspberries" and "Pieces of the Puzzle"), Grohl (guitar, including on "Wait Til Tomorrow"), Smear (guitar), Rami Jaffee (keys on 1 song) and Drew Hester (percussion). Writing credits above come from ASCAP and presumably reveal who played on what. The album was recorded in a week at Grohl's studio and released on 15 Apr 2014 on CD and 180g vinyl. (HP, 14 Jun 14)
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