Artist: Bonham
Title: The Disregard of Timekeeping
1989 CBS Records Inc. / 2009 Steamhammer (SPV GmbH)
CD:  SPV 306142 CD [2009]

Band members:
Daniel MacMaster: vocals
Ian Hatton: guitars
John Smithson: bass, keyboards, violin
Jason Bonham: drums, percussion

Trevor Rabin: bass (3, 5, 7), backing vocals
Duncan Faure: backing vocals
Jimmy 'Z' Zauala [sic; should be Zavala]: harmonica (3)
Bill Millay: MIDI , keyboard programming
Bob Ezrin: orchestration

Backing vocals arranged by Rabin

Produced by Bob Ezrin
Production supervisor: Robert (Ringo) Hrycyna
Drums recorded by Stan Katayama/Bob Ezrin; assistant engineer: Mike Tacci
Engineered by Brian Christian; assistant engineers: Craig Johnson, Scott Pontius
Mixed by Ezrin/Katayama; assistant engineer: Ric Butz
Mastered by Roger Lomas

Original art direction & design: Mike Doud

1. The Disregard of Timekeeping (2:09) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham/Ezrin]
2. Wait for You (5:02) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham/Ezrin]
3. Bringing Me Down (4:18) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
4. Guilty (4:37) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham/Ezrin]
5. Holding on Forever (4:56) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
6. Dreams (7:50) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
7. Don't Walk Away (4:43) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
8. Playing to Win (6:55) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
9. Cross Me and See (5:27) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
10. Just Another Day (4:26) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]
11. Room for Us All (7:13) [MacMaster/Hatton/Smithson/Bonham]

Notes: Zavala played on Big Generator. Faure was in Rabbitt with Rabin.

Bonham is the son of Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham, and has also played with Zeppelin in reunions. This was the band's debut album. It made #38 in the US and #65 in Canada. It went Gold in the US. The first single was "Wait for You", which made #55 in the US, followed by "Guilty" (#29 in Mainstream Rock Tracks). The band split up after a second album. (HP, 28 Sep 2012)

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