Album: The Dollar Album
Artist: Dollar
1982 / 2010 Cherry Pop [CD]

David Van Day: vocals
Thereza Bazar: vocals

Graham Broad: Linn drum, Symons kit, percussion
John Read: bass
William C Lyall: piano, keys, synths
Richard Cottle: Prophet synth
Danny McIntosh Jr: guitar

Trevor Horn: bass
Bruce Woolley: keys, synths
Simon Darlow: keys, synths
Anne Dudley: keys, synths
George McFarlane: bass (9)

Produced by Van Day/Bazar (4-7, 9-12, 17, 18), Horn (1-3, 8, 13-16)
Engineered by Gerry Kitchingham (4-7, 9-12, 17, 18), Gary Langan (1-3, 8, 13-16)
Photography: Stefano Massimo
Design: Bill Smith

1. "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)" [Horn/Woolley] (3:31)
2. "Give Me Back My Heart" [Horn/Darlow] (5:01)
3. "Hand Held in Black & White" [Horn/Woolley] (3:21)
4. "Pink and Blue" [Van Day/Bazar] (4:13)
5. "I Got Your Number Wrong" [Van Day/Bazar] (3:50)
6. "Guessing Games" [Van Day/Bazar] (3:43)
7. "Give Me Some Kinda Magic" [Van Day/Bazar] (3:44)
8. "Videotheque" [Horn/Darlow] (3:35)
9. "Dangerous Blondes" [Van Day/Bazar] (4:13)
10. "You Made Me Love You" [Van Day/Bazar] (4:09)
11. "Anyone Who's Anyone" [Van Day/Bazar] (3:19)
12. "The Second Time Arround" [Van Day/Bazar] (5:01)
13. "Hand Held in Black & White [Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix]" [Horn/Woolley] (3:22)2
14. "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour) [Alternative Trevor Horn 1981 Mix]" [Horn/Woolley] (3:53)2
15. "Give Me Back My Heart [Alternative Trevor Horn 1982 Mix]" [Horn/Darlow] (5:14)
16. "Videotheque [Alternative Trevor Horn 1982 Mix]" [Horn/Darlow] (3:33)
17. "I Got Your Number Wrong [Alternative Mix]" [Van Day/Bazar] (4:25)
18. "Guessing Games [Alternative Mix]" [Van Day/Bazar] (3:52)

Arrangements by Bazar/Van Day/Lyall (4-7, 9-12, 17, 18)

Notes: (13-8) are bonus tracks.

Dollar had had a series of hits in 1979, but had been struggling to deliver the same commercial bang since. They turned down doing "Making Your Mind Up" for A Song for Europe, the song going to Bucks Fizz instead. They demo'd another song, "One of Those Nights", but it was decided this was unsuitable for Dollar, and it became Bucks Fizz's third single.

Dollar had been impressed by "Video Killed the Radio Star" and had discussed Horn producing them previously. Horn declined given touring commitments to Yes. They approached him again in 1981, asking if he would not only produce, but also write for them. In effect, to do a new Buggles album, but with Dollar singing. They began with "Hand Held in Black & White". Released as a single in Aug 1981, it made #19 and was one of the 50 biggest selling records of 1981 in the UK. This made it Dollar's biggest hit in nearly two years. Follow-up "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)", released Nov 1981, made #4 and went Silver, ending up the band's biggest hit. As is typical of Horn "Mirror Mirror (Mon Amour)" went through 15 different mixes.

Feb 1982, Dollar and Horn returned to the studio, although Bazar and Van Day's own romantic relationship had ended. Dollar had requested an epic ballad along the lines of 10cc's "I'm Not in Love". Darlow had written "Give Me Back My Heart" and Horn added a final section to the piece. The single, released Mar 1982, again made #4. (15) is an alternate mix from the promo video. Horn had to persuade Dollar to release (8), originally named "Video Tech", and it made #17 having been released Jun 1982.

Dollar wrote and produced the rest of the album, which was released in Oct 1982, made #18 and went Gold. This was their third and last album. While the songs are co-credited, (5) was principally Van Day's (about his then girlfriend, Karajan Mallinder), as was (10). Van Day had written a second song with the same name as (10) that was not used. Bazar was the main writer on (9) and (11), and the main producer overall.

(7) was the last single, released Sep 1982, making #34 in the autumn of 1982, but rumours were swirling that Dollar would split. They eventually did in early 1983, while on a promotional trip in Japan. Van Day worked on solo material with Bucks Fizz producer Andy Hill. Bazar was to record a solo album with Horn producing. There was also a plan for her to front Art of Noise and sing "Moments of Love". Neither idea came to fruition. She went on to record a solo album with producer Arif Mardin instead. Dollar would re-unite in 1986 and split again in 1988. (HP, 30 Dec 16)
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