Album: The Driver
Artist: Terry Reid
1991 Warner Bros. Records Inc., a Time Warner Company
CD: 9 26912-2

Produced by Trevor Horn (1, 5, 6, 9), Leigh Gorman/Terry Reid (2), Gerard McMahon (3), Sam Gamgee (4), Shep Lonsdale/Terry Reid (7), Terry Reid (8), Terry Reid/Robert Brown (10)
Mixed by Gregg Jackman (1-5, 7-11), Tony Phillips (6)
Photography: David Scheinmann

1. Fifth of July [Louise Goffin/Reid Savage]
2. There's Nothing Wrong [Terry Reid]
3. Right to the End [Gerard McMahon]
4. The Whole of the Moon [Michael Scott]
5. Hand of Dimes [Reid]
6. The Driver (Pt I) [Hans Zimmer/Reid/Trevor Horn]
7. If You Let Her [Reid]
8. Turn Around [Reid]
9. Gimme Some Lovin' [Stevie Winwood/Muff Winwood/Spencer Davis]
10. Laugh at Life [Reid]
11. The Driver (Pt II) [Zimmer/Reid/Horn]

Notes: "The Driver (Pt. I)" is just a short prelude to the main piece. (HP, 9 May 10)
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