Album: The Future Left Behind
Artist: Leon Alvarado
2016 Melodic Revolution Records

Leon Alvarado: keys, sequencing, drums, percussion, launch control voices
Billy Sherwood: lead & rhythm guitars (1-11, 13, 14)
Rick Wakeman: Moog solo (2), extra keys
Johnny Bruhns: acoustic guitar (12)
Steve Thamer: narration

Produced and mixed by Alvarado
Guitar tracks produced by Sherwood
Mastered by Andy Jackson
Design and Illustrations: Synergy Design

1. Preface [Alvarado] (1:16)
2. Launch Overture [Alvarado] (6:10)
3. Voyage… [Alvarado] (0:49)
4. Journey Into Space [Alvarado] (2:38
5. Weightless [Alvarado] (2:24)
6. Hard Choices [Alvarado] (0:50)
7. The Ones Left Behind [Alvarado] (6:14)
8. Life in the Outside [Alvarado] (0:54)
9. Among the Stars [Alvarado] (6:06)
10. Much Ado About… [Alvarado] (0:36)
11. In Our Quiet Orbit [Alvarado] (6:36)
12. To be Loved [Bruhns/Alvarado] (2:42)
13. A Silver Lining [Alvarado] (0:38)
14. The Star Seekers [Alvarado] (3:28)

Based on an original short story "The Future Left Behind" by Alvarado

Notes: Alvarado said about the album that, "The idea of creating a concept album out of instrumental progressive rock music had appealed to me ever since I first heard Rick Wakeman's 'Journey To The Centre of The Earth'. What I found difficult was to create all the individual pieces that would unify the set of ideas into a single concept. It meant for me to come up with a story, some music and a set of visuals that together would form an inclusive experience. I started by working on music that had more of a cinematic feel than my usual, meaning that when played, it evokes certain imagery in the listener's mind.

"My goal was to create something that would combine the artwork and the music into one cohesive vision. I thought that basing my project on a sci-fi story would be very fitting and would give me the necessary creative space to make music that entices the imagination, like what Vangelis’, Rick Wakeman’s and YES’ music do for me."

Bruhns has played with CIRCA: and Yoso. (HP, 15 Jul 17)
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