AAlbum: The Girl Who Ate Herself
Artist: Betsy Cook
1992 Warner Music UK Ltd.
CD: 9031-76429-2

Band Members:
Performed by Betsy Cook, except
Bruce Wooley: drums (1), backing vocals (1), guitar (5)
Stephen J. Lipson: guitar (1, 2, 8), drums (1, 2)
Tony Phillips: drums (1)
Luis Jardim: percussion (2)
Wil Malone: piano (4)
Dave DeFries: trumpet (4)
Felix Kirsh: bass (5)
Andy Duncan: drums (5)
Richard Brunton: guitar (6)
Stuart Elliot: drums (6, 8)
Nico Ramsden: guitar (7)
Mark Smith: percussion (7)
Jonathan Nash: piano (9)
Ian Stanley: drums (10), vibes (10)

Arranged by Cook
On (2), strings arranged by Wil Malone, leader Gavin Wright

Produced by Bruce Woolley and Betsy Cook (1, 5), Stephen J. Lipson (2, 
4), Trevor Horn (3), Betsy Cook and Stuart Elliot (6), Betsy Cook and 
Nico Ramsden (7), Betsy Cook and Hugh Murphy (8), Betsy Cook (9), Betsy 
Cook and Ian Stanley (10)

1. Love is the Groove (Betsy Cook/Bruce Wooley)
2. How Can I Believe (Betsy Cook/Clyde Lieberman)
3. Docklands (Betsy Cook/Trevor Horn)
4. Exchange Some Energy (Betsy Cook)
5. Look to Yourself (Betsy Cook/Bruce Wooley)
6. Wonderland (Betsy Cook)
7. Hold Me Tight (Betsy Cook)
8. Nothing Ventured (Betsy Cook)
9. Diving (Betsy Cook/Jonathan Nash)
10. Hand on My Shoulder (Betsy Cook)

Comments: (****)

"Docklands" was subsequently covered by Stevie Nicks on her _Street 
Angel_ album.
submitted by Henry Potts

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