Album: The Haunted Melody
Artist: Steve Howe Trio
2008 HoweSound

Steve Howe: guitar
Dylan Howe: drums
Ross Stanley: Hammond organ

Produced by Steve Howe
Mixed by Curtis Schwartz
Engineered by Will Worsley
Recorded at Langley Studios, 7-8 Oct 2007

Line drawing by Larry Acunto
Design & layout: Sui-Yin Chan & Dylan Howe
Management: Peter F Conway

1. Kenny's Sound [Kenny Burrell] (4:38)
2. Mood for a Day [S. Howe] (5:46)
3. The Haunted Melody [Roland Kirk] (4:33)
4. Siberian Khatru [Anderson/S. Howe/Wakeman] (5:02)
5. Blue Bash [Jimmy Smith] (6:08)
6. Momenta [S. Howe] (7:32)
7. Laughing with Larry [S. Howe] (3:36)
8. Travelin' [Burrell] (5:02)
9. Dream River [S. Howe] (5:36)
10. Close to the Edge [Anderson/S. Howe] (4:49)
11. Sweet Thunder [S. Howe] (4:53)

Notes: The Trio began with a short UK tour in May 2007, with this debut recording being fairly close to the live set. This is a jazz trio and the Yes pieces have been heavily re-worked. That musical direction seems to be son Dylan's influence, with him and Stanley pulling Steve Howe into new musical areas to explore.

Many of the other tracks are older jazz pieces, the title track originally featuring flute. Track (7) was written for the cover artist, Larry Acunto. (Henry Potts, 19 Oct 2008)

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