Digital release: The Referendum Game
Artist: Ricky Lipschitz

Art Wellesley: vocals
Kirsten Joy: backing vocals

Trevor Horn
Lol Crème
Andy Cain
Jamie Muhoberac
Julian Hinton

Production: Horn at Sarm Music Village
Sound engineer: Peters
PowerPoint animation: Eliot Rosewater Ltd.

1. "The Referendum Game" [song: Crème/Horn/Ricky Lipshitz/Caine; lyrics & concept: Richard & Linda Loftus] (4:04)

Notes: (*) A purportedly light-hearted song released through digitally shortly before the UK's EU referendum of 23 Jun to encourage people to vote. In practice, the lyrics and video are somewhat incoherent and very Eurosceptic. The song was the idea of businessman Richard Loftus (one of the brothers who owns Accurist). Writing credits come from the YouTube video: Lipschitz or Lipshitz appears to be a pseudonym for Loftus. The performers are mainly Horn's familiar collaborators. (HP, 23 Jul 16)

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