Album: The Work Tapes
Artist: Glenn Hughes/Geoff Downes
1998 Blueprint

Band members:
Glenn Hughes: vocals
Geoff Downes: Synclavier

1. Bed of Roses (3:58)
2. Don't Walk Away (4:23)
3. Love for Sale (3:55)
4. Push (4:25)
5. Funk Music (5:10)
6. Double Life (4:56)
7. How Was I to Know? (4:03)
8. Walking on a Thin Line (4:37)
9. Dance with Me (5:01)
10. Feel the Magic (4:03)

Notes (*): A release of demos from Jun 1991, which had long been available on bootlegs. No songwriting credits are given, but the liner notes imply everything is by Hughes/Downes. Hughes and Downes had been introduced by Pat Thrall and these sessions were intended as the basis for a solo album and new direction by Hughes. Downes himself describes the music as "aimed at ["a Michael Bolton-type vein"], but with more of a Stevie Wonder/Marvin Gaye-style soul influence." It's pretty appalling stuff. There's a smattering of OK material here, if you like AOR with soul and hard rock influences. The vocals are rough (sometimes very rough) and this is an album that shows there's only so much you can do with a Synclavier... (HP, 13 Mar 04; revised 23 Oct 04)

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