Album: This is Hazelville
Artist: Captain
2006 EMI Records
CD: 370 8502 00946 370850 2 8

Rik Flynn: vocals, guitars, 12-string, mandolin, keys
Clare Szembek: vocals, piano, keys, marimba, xylophone, percussion, vibraphone, glockenspiel
Reuben Humphries: drums, percussion, vocals, keys, xylophone
Mario Athanasiou: guitars
Alex Yeoman: bass, double bass, synths

Steve Sidwell: trumpet, flugel horn
Taz Mattar: programming

Produced by Trevor Horn
Mixed by Tim Weidner and Robert Orton
Recorded and mixed at Sarm West Studios and Hook End Manor
Assistants: Taz Mattar, Alex Mackenzie, Keiran Panesar
Mastered by Tim Young

Art direction: Adjective Noun
Band photography: Tom Sheehan
Management: Justin Pritchard

1. Hazelville
2. Glorious
3. Broke
4. East. West. North. South
5. Frontline
6. Build a Life
7. Wax
8. This Heart Keeps Beating for Me
9. Western High
10. Summer Rain
11. Accidie

All songs written by Captain.

Notes: Note Magnification producer Tim Weidner doing the mixing. 'Broke' was released as a single. (Henry Potts, 26 Oct 2008)

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