Album: This Timeless Turning
Artist: Sky Cries Mary
1994 True North Records (High Romance Music Ltd.)
CD: TNSD 0090

Michael Cozzi: guitar, woodwork
Bennett James Ireland: drums, percussion
Juano: bass, Moog Taurus bass pedals
Gordon Raphael: Vox organ, ASR 10 sampler, JD-990, Arp Odyssey, Moog source, Micro Moog, Pro-one synth, guitars, sequencing
Todd Robbins: sampler, turntables, OSC deck, TR 909, TB 303, Vocoder
Anisa ELW Romero: vocals, harmonium
Roderick J Wolgamott Romero: vocals, Solina

Robin Boomer: cello
Larry Halpern: soprano sax, flute
Serge: didgeridoo

Produced by Ian Caple & Sky Cries Mary
Recorded by Caple at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA, Feb 1994
Assisted by Steve Culp & Steve Knapp
Mixed by Caple at Apache Tracks, Tempe, AZ, Mar 1994
Mixing assistant: Scott Nowak
Mastered by Tom Baker at Future Disc, Los Angeles, CA, Apr 1994

A&R: Dave Allen
Art direction: Ophelia Chong
Assisted & production by William Dristas
Cover art: Dee Young
Paintings by A Romero
Collage & photography by R Romero
CD image by Darbury Stenderu
Live band photos by Gary Brown & R Romero
Sky Cries Mary logo by Chris Neptune

1. Shipwrecked (4:05)
2. Vuh (4:19)
3. Don't Forget the Sky (5:25)
4. These Old Bones (4:03)
5. Stretched (3:44)
6. Every Iceburg is Afire (3:47)
7. Scapegoat (4:07)
8. Sister Ship Twenty Three (1:03)
9. Deep Sunless Sea (6:50)
10. Slow Down Time (5:51)
11. Objects in the Mirror (5:14)
12. 4:00 a.m. (14:48)
13. Walk of Nothingness (5:21)

All lyrics by R Romero; all music by R Romero/A Romero/Raphael/Robbins/Ireland/Davison/Cozzi, except (9) by R Romero/A Romero/Raphael/Robbins/Ireland/J Howard/Cozzi

Notes: I think the first album release involving Jon Davison, known as Juano in the band. (HP, 7 Jul 12)
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