Album: Trouble in Paradise (トラブル・イン・パラダイス)
Artist: Anri (杏里)
1986 For Life Records
CD (1990): FLCF-29049

Anri: vocals
Akira Inoue (井上 鑑): keys
Nobuo Tsunetomi: acoustic guitar
Ian Bairnson: guitar
David Rhodes: guitar
Pandit Dinesh: Indian percussion
Tony Beard: drums
Bill Bruford: Simmons drums
Simon Phillips: drums
Lawrence Cottle: bass
Graham Edwards: bass
Felix Krish: bass
Mark Feltham: harmonica
Delroy Murray: male backing vocals
Robin Achampong: male backing vocals
Carol Kenyon: female backing vocals
Johnathan Sorrel: Synclavier programming
Rimi Shionaya: Qx1 programming

Produced by Inoue
Directed by Tsunetomi
Recording and mixing engineer: Stuart Bruce

Photography: Paul Spencer

1. The Pages of Your History [Inoue] (4:49)
2. Time Out [lyr: Yumi Yoshimoto (吉元 由美); mus: Toshinobu Kubota (久保田 利伸)/Haneda Ichiro (羽田 一郎)] (3:51)
3. Imitation Lover [Shinji Harada (原田 真二)] (5:24)
4. The Torch [lyr: Sonobe Kazunori (園部 和範); mus: Ichiro] (4:58)
5. A Slow Boat to Heart [lyr: Yoshimoto; mus: Anri] (5:24)
6. Trouble in Paradise [lyr: Yoshimoto; mus: Murray/Achampong/Carl Sturken/Evan Rogers] (4:28)
7. Precious Time [lyr: 真沙木 唯; mus: Hiroshi Sato (佐藤 博)] (4:16)
8. Fallen Angel [lyr: Yoshimoto; mus: Anri] (3:17)
9. Christmas Calendar [lyr: Yoshimoto; mus: Anri] (4:42)
10. Curtain Call [lyr: 真沙木 唯; mus: Sato] (5:34)

Arranged by Inoue

Notes: "Trouble in Paradise (English long version)" was released as a single in Dec 1986, with a b-side of "Christmas Calendar". There is another version of the CD with "Trouble in Paradise (English long version)" as a bonus track.

A particularly obscure entry in the Yescography, this '80s J-pop album includes session work from Bruford, presumably from around the same time he was working on Inoue's Tokyo Installation. This was during Bruford's electronic drums phase, making his work readily identifiable at several times across the album. Turns out Bruford's electronic drums playing rather suits '80s J-pop... Obscure, I should say, to Yes fans. Anri was and remains a successful singer-songwriter in Japan. This was her tenth album.

Title track "Trouble in Paradise" was recorded the next year by Giorge Pettus on his eponymous album.

Many years later, Cottle would join Bruford in Earthworks. Kenyon also provided backing vocals on ABWH and The Friends of Mr Cairo. (HP, 13 Sep 2015)

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