Album: Trying
Artist: Harmony in Diversity
2006 Harmony in Diversity

Band members:
Peter Banks: guitar
Andrew Booker: drums
Nick Cottam: bass

Production by A. Booker
Artwork and liner notes by A. Booker
Inside photo by Rachel Booker
Recorded Sep-Nov 2004 (1-4), live at the Klinker Club, Jun 2005 (5)

1. No Harm (11:22)
2. After You (10:01)
3. Mind the Doors (7:48)
4. Swayed by Nothing (3:05)
5. The Klincher (4:42)

all titles by Banks/Booker/Cottam

Notes: Booker and Cottam had been working together as the duo Pulse Engine when Peter Banks joined the band. Their first public outing came at a live show in October 2004 under the name Pulse Engine with Banks joining the other two for the latter half or so of the set. The trio had already started development sessions and the first four tracks are a selection from those. The band's first show under their new name was a short set at The Klinker, an experimental music night at a north London pub, and track 5, "The Klincher", is a live recording.

However, by the summer of 2005 the band had slimmed down to a duo of Banks and Booker. (The band planned to experiment with all three duos: Booker/Cottam already existed as Pulse Enginer, while Banks/Cottam failed to get off the ground.) Banks and Booker began working on an album (tentatively entitled What is This?), so far yet to be released, but March 2006 saw a return to live work for the trio. The band played four dates, touring with Whimwise (featuring ex-The Enid guitarist Nick May) and the David Cross Band (featuring ex-King Crimson violinist David Cross), and they decided to self-release this CD to have something to sell on tour. So far, that is the only way the album has been made available.

This is work in progress and Booker explains in the liner notes that none of the material was recorded with the intention of releasing it. Harmony in Diversity are an improvising outfit and all the music, studio and live recordings, is improvised. (HP, 24 Mar 06)

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