Album: Two Sides of Flash—Live in the USA
Artist: Flash
2005 Voiceprint
CD: cancelled before release

1. Introduction
2. Small Beginnings
3. Black & White
4. There No More
5. Children of the Universe
6. Dreams of Heaven, Part One - Jam
7. Dreams of Heaven, Part Two - Song
8. Introduciton
9. Children of the Universe
10. Black & White
11. Dead Ahead
12. Bishop
13. Psychosync
14. Manhattan Morning
15. Dreams of Heaven, Part One - Jam
16. Dreams of Heaven, Part Two - Song
17. Small Beginnings
18. Announcements

Notes: Voiceprint announced this Flash live album, consisting of two 1973 shows (Flash's final US tour), as due 1 Aug 2005. However, following the intervention of Peter Banks and George Mizer, it was agreed to cancel the release. The UPC number was re-assigned to Ian Wallace's Happiness. Album cover art and a track list was released, but I don't know whether the album was ever mastered. (HP, 3 Jun 06)

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