Album: Under the Tyranny of Good Weather
Artist: Everyday Animals
2012 Burger Dog Music

Kevin Shima: guitar, vocals
Adam Darlin: drums
Will Schulz: bass
Brian Hobart: keys, percussion

Jon Anderson: vocals (9)
Scott Barkan: electric guitar solo (5)
Rick Brandt: cello (3)
Janell Cox: vocals (2)
Matt Wilson: electric guitar (10)

Produced by Shima/AJ Fox
Additional production by Everyday Animals
Mixed by Fox/Shima
Mastered by Fox
Album artwork: Mister Squinter
Band photography: Ward Roberts

1. "Insane" [Shima] (3:58)   
2. "Measured in Light" [Shima] (4:41)
3. "Two Minus One" [Shima] (3:58)
4. "The World" [Shima] (4:32)
5. "My Outgoing Message" [Shima] (4:50)
6. "Beautiful Birds" [Shima] (4:57)
7. "What's Wrong with Me?" [Shima] (3:02)
8. "Reciprocity" [Schulz/Shima] (4:12)
9. "False Awakening" [Shima] (5:34)
10. "Circle of Dreamers" [Shima] (4:36)

Notes: One of Anderson's many guest appearances in the period, adding backing vocals to one track of this pop/rock album. Shima is a longtime Yes fan.

An enjoyable album: the opening track is my favourite, a high-energy catchy number. Shima has said "Circle of Dreamers" is his favourite on the album. (HP, 17 Jul 16)

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