Album: Valley of the Windmill
Artist: CIRCA:
2016 Frontiers Records
CD: FR CD 741

Billy Sherwood: vocals, guitar
Tony Kaye: keys, Hammond
Scott Connor: drums, percussion
Rick Tierney: bass

Produced by CIRCA:
Recorded and mixed by Sherwood at CIRCA: HQ Studios
Mastering Engineer: Maor Appelbaum
Windmill photos: Michi Sherwood
Artwork & layout: Stan-W Decker

1. "Silent Resolve" (14:41)
2. "Empire Over" (9:24)
3. "Valley of the Windmill" (7:32)
4. "Our Place Under the Sun" (18:43)

no writing credits given

Notes: Released 8 Jul 2016, although the title track was released digitally prior to the full album.

An Oct 2012 press release for another project had that CIRCA: were also "discussing making a new studio record". In Jun 2014, Sherwood said on Facebook that, "TK and I reviewed the 1st draft if you will of the 1st new CIRCA: song in the works, going to be an epic piece called "Silent Resolve" !! It has some serious energy and dynamics and a lot of room for SHREDDDDDDING lol". In Jul 2014, he added, "Working on the 2nd CIRCA: song for the next record... Don't have a title yet [...] seems to be about the same length as the previous track "Silent Resolve", so it's another epic type track, nearly 15 minutes long, very proggy". Connor said on (Jul 2014): "We are working on the record now [...] track #2 is being completed, then I'll go track drums. This is shaping up to be an epic - two 15 minute songs to start!" Work continued in Aug-Oct. On 14 Oct 2014, Sherwood said on Facebook that, "Just finished all the vocals (and there are lots on this track) for a new CIRCA: song called "Our Place Under The Sun"". On 29 Oct 2014, he said, "Working with TK today on keys/hammonds for [...] "Our Place Under The Sun". This track is an epic type piece, about 18:45 long and full of cool musical landscapes... Between this song and "Silent Resolve" we now have 33 minutes or so completed. I'd like to see about 55 minutes total for this new CIRCA: CD". In Jan 2015, Tierney said the album would be released soon, while on 26 Apr 2015, Sherwood said on Facebook that Appelbaum was mastering the new album, although he announced the title then as Silent Resolve. In an Aug 2015 YesWorld Q&A, Sherwood described the album as "super proggy", with only 4 tracks. (HP, 18 Jul 16)

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