Album: Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Artist: Frankie Goes to Hollywood
1984 Island
CD: CID 101 824 052-2

Band members:
Holly Johnson: lead vocals
Brian Nash: guitar
Peter Gill: drums
Mark O'Toole: bass
Paul Rutherford: vocals

Jonathan Jeczalik: programming
Andrew Richards: keyboards
Louis Jardim: percussion
Ann Dudley: keyboards
Steven Lipson: guitar
Steve Howe: acoustic guitar (on "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome")

Produced by Trevor Horn

1. The World is My Oyster (including Well, snatch of Fury) (1:58)
2. Welcome to the Pleasure Dome (13:39)
3. Relax (4:57)
4. War (6:12)
5. Two Tribes (3:23)
6. (Tag) (0:33)
7. Fury (1:49)
8. Born to Run (3:56)
9. San José (3:08)
10. Wish the Lads Were Here (2:58)
11. The Ballad of 32 (4:47)
12. Krisco Kisses (2:57)
13. Black Night White Light (4:07)
14. The Only Star in Heaven (4:14)
15. The Power of Love (5:28)
16. Bang (1:08)

All songs written by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, except (4) by 
Strong/Whitfield, (8) by Springsteen, (9) by Bacharach/David, (7) by 
Marsden. String arrangement for (15) by Dudley.

Comments: (*****)

Note that there have been multiple releases of this album, not all with 
quite the same tracklisting.

I've given the official credits above, but they are a pack of lies! Of 
the FGTH material, Johnson wrote all the lyrics and the music is mainly 
by Johnson/O'Toole/Gill. There are very significant re-arrangements and 
additions from Horn and his crew. None of the FGTH instrumentalists play 
on the album at all; again, Horn and his crew played everything. Horn 
himself probably plays on the album (keys? bass?) and certainly did 
programming for it. Howe is as credited and Trevor Rabin also did some 
uncredited guitar session work.
submitted by Henry Potts.

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