Album: White
Artist: White
2006 Renaissance Records (Renaissance Entertainment)
CD: RMED-00250

Band members:
Alan White: drums, percussion
Geoff Downes: keys
Steve Boyce: basses, vocals
Karl Haug: guitars, vocals
Kevin Currie: vocals

Produced by White
Recorded by Gary Thompson/Steve Boyce
Mixed by Mark Millar/Steve Boyce
Mastered by Mark Guenther

Cover art: Roger Dean
Design and layout: Harrison Boyce
Black & white photo: Douglas Plemmons
Color photos: Terry Divyak

1. New Day [Currie/White/Stockwell] (5:11)
2. Beyond the Sea of Lies [Edens/Hogan/Boyce] (4:31)
3. Give Up Giving Up [Edens/Hogan/Boyce] (4:41)
4. Crazy Believer [Haug/Currie/White] (5:31)
5. Fate [Currie/White/Stockwell] (5:16)
6. Dream Away [Currie/White/Stockwell] (4:40)
7. Once and for All [Edens/Hogan/Boyce] (5:15)
8. Mighty Love [Boyce/Edens] (7:06)
9. Loyal [Currie/White/Stockwell] (4:09)
10. Waterhole [Haug] (6:11)

Notes: This album had a long gestation. Alan White had previously worked with two local Seattle bands, MerKaBa and Treason (see Treason). Work began on a new MerKaBa album also involving Alan and Treason keyboardist Ted Stockwell. (Hogan and Edens in the songwriting credits are former MerKaBa members.) Karl Haug (at the time, Treason's guitarist) subsequently joined the sessions too.

The MerKaBa identity was dropped and the band took on a new name, based on that of their most famous member. The band, with Stockwell (keys, guitar) rather than Downes, completed an album in mid-2004, to have been called New Day (tracks: "Fate", "The Way You See Me", "DreamAway", "New Day", "Shine", "Up", "Loyal", "Rite of Rain", "Mighty Love", "Burn All the Maps", "Waterhole (I'll Come Around)") and they also played a handful of live dates. However, the band and Stockwell split acrimoniously: Downes joined in April 2005 and the entire album was re-recorded, re-working songs from New Day and adding new material.

Yes, that is me thanked in the credits. :) (HP, 18 Apr 06)

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