Album: Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Symphonic
Artist: The London Orion Orchestra
2016 Decca
CD: 478 9517

The London Orion Orchestra, conducted by Peter Scholes
Dave Fowler: guitars
Stephen McElroy: guitars
Alice Cooper: vocals (1, 4)
Rick Wakeman: Steinway piano (1), ondes martenot (7), Mini Moog (7)
Dominic Sewell: synth bass (4), additional programming
Thomas Hewitt Jones: synth brass (4), additional programming
Richard McTague: slide guitar (6)

Produced by Pete Smith
Orchestral co-producer: Sewell
Recorded Sep 2014, Feb 2015, Aug 2015
Recording engineer: Chris Bolster (for orchestra), Robert L Smith (for Cooper), Erik Jordan (for Wakeman), Mike Silverston (for Sewell), Zac Bajjˇn (for McTague)
ProTools: Gordon Davidson (for orchestra)
Assistant engineers: Stefano Civetta (for orchestra), George Oulton (for orchestra), Matt Dawson (for McTague)
Recordist: Nate Odden (for Cooper)
Mix engineers: Andrew Dudman, Silverston (1, 6)

Mastering engineer: Geoff Pesche
Concept: Smith
Project direction & coordination: Rory Johnston
Executive producers for Baton Rouge Limited: Paul Crockford, Kevin Hopgood, Johnston, Smith
Executive producers for Decca Classics: Paul Moseley, Alexander Van Ingen

Artwork: Tiernen Trevallion
Art direction: Smith
Creative director: Niall O'Rourke
Photography: Michael Smallcombe, Kyler Clark

1. "Wish You were Here (Vocal)" [Roger Waters/David Gilmour] (5:00)
2. "The Orchestra Tunes" (0:31)
3. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pt. I-V" [Waters/Gilmour/Richard Wright] (13:19)
4. "Welcome to the Machine" [Waters] (7:06)
5. "Have a Cigar" [Waters] (5:14)
6. "Wish You were Here (Instrumental)" [Waters/Gilmour] (4:49)
7. "Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Pt. VI-IX" [Waters/Wright] (13:02)
8. "Eclipse" [Waters/Gilmour/Wright/Nicholas Mason] (1:22)

Orchestral arrangements by Scholes

Notes: Released 1 Jan 2016, this is an orchestral covers project of Pink Floyd's Wish You were Here, with a "bonus track" of "Eclipse" from The Dark Side of the Moon. Track (2) is not listed on the back of the CD, but is in the liner notes. I am unclear why track (8) is credited to everyone when it's just Waters' on the original album.

Fowler and McElroy are in the Australian Pink Floyd tribute band. The ondes martenot Wakeman plays was leant by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. (HP, 18 Jul 17)
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