Album: With Love
Artist: Pete Townshend/various artists
1976 Universal Spiritual League/Eel Pie

Pete Townshend: guitar (4, 10), acoustic guitar (10), bass (11), drums (11), vocals (10), backing vocals (11), keys (12), ? (7)
Last Qawali Group: vocals (1)
Billy Nicholls (2, 3, 9)
Steve Humphries (2, 9)
McSmith (2)
Alan Murphy (2)
Ronnie Lane (4, 5)
Ron Wood (4, 5)
Bruce Rowland: keys (5)
Lol Benbow (6)
Paul Wyld (7)
Greg Sheahan (7)
Gus Fenwick (7)
Rob McKenzie (7)
Medicine Head (8)
Sammy Mitchell (9)
George Butler (9)
Peter Banks: guitar (11), backing vocals (11)
Sydney Foxx: vocals (11)

Engineer and mix down: Steve Owen, except Glyn Johns (5), Gary Edwards (8)
Mastering engineer: Gary Edwards

Side A:
1. Last Qawali Group: "Hail Avatar Meher Baba" (0:34)
2. Billy Nicholls / Steve Humphries, with McSmith and Alan Murphy: "Give It Up" [Nicholls/Humphries] (4:11)
3. Billy Nicholls with Pete Townshend: "Without Your Love" [Nicholls] (1:51)
4. Pete Townshend: "His Hands" [Townshend] (2:09)
5. Ronnie Lane, with Ron Wood and Bruce Rowland: "Just for a Moment" [Lane] (2:56)
6. Lol Benbow: "Baba Blues" [Benbow] (2:02)
7. Paul Wyld with Pete Townshend, Greg Sheahan, Gus Fenwick and Rob McKenzie: "Meher" [Wyld] (3:11)

Side B:
8. Medicine Head: "Contact" [Peter Hope-Evans] (2:09)
9. Billy Nicholls / Steve Humphries, with Sammy Mitchell and George Butler: "Gotta Know Ya" [Nicholls/Humphries] (3:18)
10. Pete Townshend: "Sleeping Dog" [Townshend] (2:58)
11. Sydney Foxx, with Pete Banks: "All God's Mornings" [Foxx] (3:24)
12. Pete Townshend: "Lantern Cabin" [Townshend] (4:05)

Notes: This is long out of print and was a limited edition of only 4000 copies, so I've cobbled together information from a variety of sources. The album was recorded in 1974. Sydney Foxx (now Jordan) told the story of how this track came about on Facebook in Nov 2017. She, Banks, Ray Bennett (of Flash) and Andrew McCullough (of Greenslade) were recording a demo, "Who", which was later released on Bennett's Angels and Ghosts compilation. Over to Jordan:
The high point of this session was when Peter Townshend dropped by and I auditioned my song for him. He took Peter and I into his studio at Eel Pie Island and produced and played on it.. Was pretty cool..
She continued:
Peter played guitar on the session and Townshend played Bass, Drums and the rest. We all sang backing vocals. Was done in one night! And appeared on his Meher Baba album later re released as With Love. The song was my first ever single release in the USA from 1969 on MGM.
The album is one of several Townshend organised in dedication to his and others' spiritual mentor Meher Baba (born Merwan Sheriar Irani; 1894-1969). Baba was born in India and claimed to be an incarnation of God in human form. He started to attract a following in 1921, his followers giving him the name "Meher Baba", meaning "Compassionate Father". He came to the US in 1932 and picked up a celebrity following. Townshend became a follower of Baba at the end of the '60s and dedicated The Who's Tommy to him. With Love and Townshend's two other charity albums for Meher Baba, Happy Birthday (1970) and I Am (1972), were released together as Avatar (1999 3CD) and then as Jai Baba (2001 2CD), but those are also out of print and hard to find now. (HP, 17 Nov 17)
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