Album: World in Front of Me
Artist: Mars Hollow
2011 10t Records
CD: 10T10051

Jerry Beller: drums, percussion, backing vocals
John Baker: lead & backing vocals, guitars, guitar synth, mandolin
Kerry Chicoine: bass, backing vocals
Steve Mauk: keyboards, backing vocals

Trevor Mauk: cello (4, 7)
Tony Jay: voice (2)

Produced & mixed by Billy Sherwood
Co-produced by John Baker & Mars Hollow
Additional tracking/engineering/editing: John Baker
Mastered by Dave Morse
Photography: John Warren, Andres Murillo Portugal, Steve Mauk

1. Walk on Alone (12:31)
2. Voices (6:24)
3. Weapon (6:52)
4. What Have I Done (5:56)
5. Mind Over Matter (2:28)
6. Prelude (1:48)
7. World in Front of Me (11:19)

All songs written by Mars Hollow

Notes: (*****) Mars Hollow made a bit of a splash with prog fans with their debut album in 2010, produced by Ronan Chris Murphy. They turned to Billy Sherwood for this, their second album, and the relationship has continued, with, as I write, a forthcoming live show with Mars Hollow opening for CIRCA:. The band's sound has echoes of ELP (Beller and Chicoine were in an ELP tribute band previously), Yes and Rush, but they very much have their own style. (HP, 26 Nov 10)
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