Album: XYZ—A Tribute to Rush
Artist: Sonic Elements Featuring Neil Peart Drums
2012 RecPlay Inc.
EP-length CD or download

Rik Emmett: vocals (2), guitars (2)
John Wesley: vocals (1), guitars (1, 4), additional guitars (2)
Billy Sherwood: guitars (3, 5, 6), bass (1, 3-6), additional bass (2)
Randy McStine: vocals (4), additional guitars (2)
Dave Kerzner: keys (all)
Matt Dorsey: bass (2)
Alastair Greene: guitar (3)
Mike Shotton: bass synth (2)
Neil Peart: drums from Neil Peart Drums by Sonic Reality (all)

Produced & mixed by Kerzner
Mastered by Gavin Lurssen
Assistant engineer: Ryan Haft
Peart recorded by Nick Raskulinecz, Emmett recorded by Mike Shotton, and Wesley, Sherwood, Dorsey and McStine recorded remotely

1. Tom Sawyer [Rush]
2. Red Barchetta [Rush]
3. YYZ [Rush]
4. Limelight [Rush]
5. Trifecta [Sherwood/Kerzner]
Pre-order only, download bonus: 6. Times Gone [Sherwood/Kerzner]

Notes: (***) This is the first Sonic Elements release, mainly released as a download, but with a CD also available. Sonic Elements is a group of progressive/classic rock projects led by Dave Kerzner, best known as a past member of Kevin Gilbert's Giraffe and for work with Steven Wilson, but also founder of the music software development company Sonic Reality. Kerzner has assembled a number of "virtual bands" involving several guests, often including Billy Sherwood, to record various covers and original songs, where some of the instrumental tracks are also available through Sonic Reality's sample libraries.

Thus, in this case, Rush drummer Neil Peart has recorded a set of drum tracks, available as a library from Sonic Reality. Kerzner et al. have then recorded these covers to Peart's drums. In addition, the original track "Trifecta" features newly composed material to an existing drum track for Rush's "YYZ". Likewise, "Times Gone" uses a drum track for "Tom Sawyer".

A full-length album of Rush covers is expected later, which may include different versions of some of these songs. (HP, 6 Jul 12)

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