Album: You See Colours
Artist: Delays
2006 Rough Trade

Greg Gilbert: guitar, vocals
Rowly: drums
Colin Fox: basslines, percussion, backing vocals
Aaron Gilbert: sequencer, synths, backing vocals

Graham Sutton: additional synth arrangements and programming
Trevor Horn: vocal overdub (2)

Produced and mixed by Graham Sutton
Engineered by Robbie Nelson/Graham Sutton
Front cover artwork: Paul Burgess
Package design: Jeff Teader
Band photography: Roger Sargent

1. You and Me [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (4:44)
2. Valentine [G Gilbert/A Gilbert; additional arrangement by Horn] (4:52)
3. This Town's Religion [G Gilbert; additional arrangement by Jon Kelly] (3:09)
4. Sink Like a Stone [G Gilbert] (3:05)
5. Too Much in Your Life [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (4:38)
6. Winter's Memory of Summer [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (3:10)
7. Given Time [G Gilbert; additional arrangement by Kelly] (3:00)
8. Hideaway [G Gilbert; additional arrangement by Duncan Lewis] (3:48)
9. Lillian [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (3:01)
10. Out of Nowhere [G Gilbert] (2:46)
11. Waste of Space [G Gilbert/A Gilbert] (3:57)

Notes: 'Valentine' was the lead single (the single version is shorter than the one here on the album). (HP, 28 May 06)

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