Asia- Alpha
Album: Alpha
Artist: Asia
1983 Geffen
LP: GEF 25508
LP: 940008-1 (re-release 9/86)
CD: GEFD 04008 (released 4/91)
CD: GFLD 19053 (re-released 4/92)

Band Members:
Geoff Downes - keyboards
Steve Howe - guitars
Carl Palmer - drums
John Wetton - vocals and bass guitars

Produced by Mike Stone

Don't Cry (Wetton/Downes) (3:41)
The Smile Has Left Your Eyes (Wetton) (3:13)
Never In A Million Years (Wetton/Downes) (3:46)
My Own Time (I'll Do What I Want) (Wetton/Downes) (4:49)
The Heat Goes On (Wetton/Downes)  (5:00)
Eye To Eye (Wetton/Downes) (3:14)
The Last To Know (Wetton/Downes) (4:40)
True Colors (Wetton/Downes) (3:53)
Midnight Sun (Wetton/Downes) (3:48)
Open Your Eyes (Wetton/Downes) (6:26)
Thanks to Francois Angers for providing this information

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