CD  CDV 2590

Band Members:
Stanley Clarke (bass, strings)
Deborah Holland (vocals, songs)
Stewart Copeland (drums, programmes)
Michael Thompson (guitars and banjo on all tracks)
Animal Logic (keyboards)
L. Shankar (violin)
Freddie Hubbard (trumpet)
Steve Howe (additional guitars on “There’s a Spy” and “As Soon As The Sun Goes Down”)
Pete Haycock (acoustic guitar on  “I’m Through With Love”)

Produced by: Stewart Copeland & Stanley Clarke

Tracks (track time not written) :
1. There’s A Spy (In The House Of Love) (D. Holland)
2. Someday We’ll Understand (D. Holland)
3. Winds Of Santa Ana (D. Holland)
4. I’m Through With Love (D. Holland)
5. As Soon As The Sun Goes Down
    (D. Holland, D. Holland/F. Blue)
6. I Still Feel For You (D. Holland)
7. Elijah (D. Holland)
8. Firing Up The Sunset Gun (D. Holland)
9. Someone To Come Home To (D. Holland)
10 I’m Sorry Baby (I Want You In My Life) (D. Holland,
     D. Holland/B. Mair/T. Godwin/N. Vincent)

Thanks to Cristiano Massaro and Paul Bartek for providing this information.

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