Steve Howe- Beginnings
Album: Beginnings
Artist: Steve Howe
1975 Atlantic
CD: 80319-2 [remaster]

Band members:
Steve Howe: guitars, bass, steel, vocals, mandolin, Moog, organ

Additional musicians:
Alan White: drums (1, 2, 4-6)
Graeme Taylor: guitar (3)
Malcom Bennet: bass, flute (3, 8)
David Oberle: drums (3)
Colin Gibson: bass (4)
Patrick Moraz: piano, harpsichord, Moog, Mellotron (4-6)
Bud Beadle: sax (4)
Mick Eve: sax (4)
Patrick Halling, William Reid: violin (5)
John Meek: viola (5)
Peter Halling: cello (5)
Chris Laurence: bass (5, 8)
James Gregory: flute, piccolo (5)
Sidney Sutcliffe: oboe (5)
Gwyd Brooke: bassoon (5)
Bill Bruford: drums (8, 9)

Produced by Steve Howe and Eddie Offord

1. Doors of Sleep (4:08)
2. Australia (4:13)
3. The Nature of the Sea (3:57)
4. Lost Symphony (4:41)
5. Beginings (7:31)
6. Will o' the Wisp (6:00)
7. Ram (1:53)
8. Pleasure Stole the Night (2:57)
9. Break Away From It All (4:19)

All tracks written by Steve Howe except (4, 6, 8) by Steve Howe/Jan Howe

Notes: (***) In 1975/6, all five members of Yes put out solo albums. Howe started work on his at the beginning of 1974 prior to the plan being decided that all the band members would record an album.

Moraz said in a 2006 interview for Notes for the Edge that Howe asked for an orchestration for "Beginnings" along the lines of Vivaldi. As Moraz says of the finished product, "Of course it didn't sound anything like Vivaldi, it sounded like Moraz." (MP/HP, 30 Jul 06)

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