Billy Sherwood

Billy Sherwood
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Solo albums

The Big Peace, 1999
No Comment, 2003
At the Speed of Life..., 2008
Oneirology, 2010
What was the Question?, 2011
The Art of Survival, 2012
Divided by One, 2014
Collection, 2015
Archived, 2015
Citizen, 2015

The Collectives

The Prog Collective, 2012
The Fusion Syndicate: The Fusion Syndicate, 2012


Chris Squire & Billy Sherwood: Conspiracy, 2000
The Unknown, 2003


EP, 2007 (download only)
CIRCA: 2007, 2007
HQ, 2009
Overflow, 2009 (download only)
And So On, 2011
Live from Here, There & Everywhere, 2013
Valley of the Windmill, 2016


Elements, 2010

Jim Ladd's Headsets

From Here to Infinity, 2007 (digital download) / various artists: Rock Infinity, 2007 (digital download)
Chapter 1: Alone Out Here, 2008
Chapter 2: Sides, 2009

Tribute albums with Billy Sherwood performing

Paul Rodgers: Muddy Water Blues, 1993
Various artists: Crossfire—A Salute to Stevie Ray, 1996
Various artists: Dragon Attack—A Tribute to QUEEN, 1997 / Top Musicians Play Queen, 2010
Various artists: Thunderbolt—A Tribute to AC/DC, 1997
Various artists: Bat Head Soup—A Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne
Todd Rundgren: Todd Rundgren and His Friends, 2002
Various artists: Pigs & Pyramids—An All Star Lineup Performing the Songs of Pink Floyd, 2002
Various artists: Back Against the Wall, 2005
Various artists: Return to the Dark Side of the Moon, 2006
Various artists: An '80s Metal Tribute to Journey, 2006
Various artists: Lights Out: The Ultimate Tribute to UFO, 2006
Various artists: An All-Star Tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, 2007
Various artists: Led Box: The Ultimate Tribute to Led Zeppelin, 2008
Various artists: A Tribute to Thin Lizzy, 2008
Various artists: Abbey Road: A Tribute to The Beatles, 2009
Various artists: An All-Star Salute to Christmas, 2010
Various artists: Songs of the Century: An All-Star Tribute to Supertramp, 2012
Various artists: Who are You: An All Star Tribute to The Who, 2012
Various artists: Fly Like an Eagle: An All-Star Tribute to Steve Miller Band, 2013
Various artists: Light My Fire—A Classic Rock Salute to The Doors, 2014
Various artists: Keep Calm and Salute The Beatles, 2015


Union, 1991
YesYears, 1991
Talk, 1994
Keys to Ascension, 1996
Keys to Ascension 2, 1997
Keys to Ascension Volume 1 & 2, 1997
Open Your Eyes, 1997
The Ladder, 1999
The Masterworks—Mix Your Own CD, 2000
House of Yes—Live from the House of Blues, 2000
Keystudio, 2001
In a Word: Yes (1969-   ), 2002
The Ultimate Yes—35th Anniversary Collection, 2003/2004
Heaven & Earth

World Trade

World Trade, 1989
Euphoria, 1995
various artists: Tales from Yesterday, 1995
various artists: Supper's Ready, 1995
various artists: The Moon Revisited, 1995

Other Appearances

Lodgic: Nomadic Sands, 1985
Toto: Kingdom of Desire, 1992
Air Supply: The Vanishing Race, 1993
various artists: Supper's Ready, 1995
various artists: The Moon Revisited, 1995
various artists: Tales from Yesterday, 1995
Air Supply: News from Nowhere, 1995
The Key: The World is Watching, 1997
Treason: Treason, 1997
Ratt: Collage, 1997
Michael Sherwood: Tangletown, 1998
Jack Russell: For You, 2002
Ignition: Ignition, 2003
Asia: Silent Nation, 2004
John 5: Vertigo, 2004
Graham Russell: The Future
various artists: '70s Box: The Sound of a Decade, 2007
various artists: Big Movies, Big Music Volume 1, 2008 (digital only)
various artists: Big Networks, Big Music Volume 2, 2008 (digital only)
various artists: Big Networks, Big Music Volume 9, 2008 (digital only)
various artists: Ultimate Holiday Party Volume 1, 2008 (digital only)
various artists: Ultimate Christmas Party Volume 2, 2008 (digital only)
various artists: Ultimate Christmas Party Volume 3, 2008 (digital only)
John Wetton: Raised in Captivity, 2011
Kurt Michaels: Soaring Back to Earth, 2011
Flaming Row: Elinoire
Sonic Elements: XYZ—A Tribute to Rush, 2012
Jay Tausig: Pisces, 2012
Nektar: A Spoonful of Time, 2012
Steve Oliver: World Citizen, 2012
Days Between Stations: In Extremis, 2013
Nektar: Time Machine, 2013
Sarastro Blake: New Progmantics, 2013
XNA: When We Changed You, 2013
Sons of Hippies: Griffons at the Gates of Heaven, 2013
Elizabeth MacInnis: One Eye on the Highway, 2013
Flaming Row: Elinoire
Missing Persons feat. Dale Bozzio: Missing in Action, 2014
Marcelo Paganini: 2012 Space Traffic Jam, 2014
Marty Walsh: The Total Plan, 2014
Spiders & Snakes: Year of the Snake, 2014
Dave Kerzner: New World, 2014
XNA: Westernology: The Outlaw and The Sioux, 2015 (EP)
Scott Walton: Wandering Soul, 2016
The Rome Pro(G)ject: Of Fate and Glory, 2016
Leon Alvarado: The Future Left Behind, 2016
Rick Wakeman: Starship Trooper, 2016
Light Freedom Revival: Eterniverse Deja Vu, 2017


Flambookey: Flambookey
various artists: Spacewalk: A Salute to Ace Frehley, 1996
various artists: Humanary Stew: A Tribute to Alice Cooper, 1999
Quiet Riot: Alive & Well, 2002
Julia Francis: Lucky Penny
various artists: An All-Star Tribute to ZZ Top, 2008
Nigel Briggs: Unwind (EP)
Mars Hollow: World in Front of Me, 2011
Queensr˙che feat. Geoff Tate: Frequency Unknown Deluxe Edition, 2014


Ratt: Tell the World: The Very Best of Ratt, 2007
Asia/various artists: Asia Progressive Rock Friends, 2008
various artists: P14: Brave New World, 2013
various artists: P15: Tangerine Dreaming, 2013
various artists: Purple Pyramid Presents Prog Rock
various artists: The Prog Box
various artists: A Tribute to the Beatles with Air Supply, Santo & Johnny, And More, 2014
Steve Howe: Anthology 2: Groups & Collaborations, 2017

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