Title: Feels Good to Me
Artist: Bill Bruford
1977 E.G.

Band members:
Bill Bruford: tuned & untuned percussion, kit drums, tunes, "and final say"
Dave Stewart: keys, "reasonably advanced harmonic advice"
Allan Holdsworth: guitar
Annette Peacock: vocals
Jeff Berlin: bass
Kenny Wheeler: flugelhorn
John Goodsall: additional guitar (6)

Produced by Robin Lumley and Bill Bruford

1. Beelzebub [Bruford] (3:16)
2. Back to the Beginning [Bruford] (7:09)
3. Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part One) [Bruford] (2:30)
4. Seems Like a Lifetime Ago (Part Two) [Bruford] (4:25)
5. Sample and Hold [Bruford/Stewart] (5:12)
6. Feels Good to Me [Bruford] (3:49)
7. Either End of August [Bruford] (5:27)
8. If You Can't Stand the Heat [Bruford/Stewart] (3:20)
9. Springtime in Siberia [Bruford/Stewart] (2:43)
10. Adios a la Pasada (Say Goodbye to the Past) [Bruford; words: Peacock] (7:55)

Comments: (*****) Bill Bruford's first solo album. The group assembled would become the Bruford band, who released further albums and toured.

In a Feb 2016 interview, Berlin explained how he became involved: "Patrick [Moraz] mentioned to Bill Bruford about this great guitarist, which he is, named Ray Gomez and I was playing with Ray Gomez in Carmine Appice's band. So, Bill came to America to check out Ray. I was the bass player and Bill ended up hiring me for his band." (HP, 13 Apr 17; thanks to John Sowalsky for providing information)

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