Album: The Fields Of Green
Artist: Rick Wakeman
1996 Griffin
CD: GCD-581-2

Band Members:
Rick Wakeman- keyboards
Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith- guitars
Phil Laughlin- bass
Chrissie Hammond- vocals
Stuart Sawney- percussion programming

Produced by Rick Wakeman

All tracks composed br Wakeman except "Starship Trooper"
by Anderson/Squire/Howe

1.  Starship Trooper  12:23
2.  The Promise Of Love  06:18
3.  The Spanish Wizard  06:35
4.  The Never Ending Road  08:58
5.  The Fighter  05:30
6.  Tell Me Why  05:13
7.  The Rope Trick  03:41
8.  The Niceman  08:26
9.  Fields Of Green  03:42

Comments: One of these days I am going to learn to stop buting Mr. 
Wakeman's solo albums. This is more cheese from Mr. Wakeman. I was
excited when I saw that he had a supporting band for this album, but
the supporting band includes a percussion programmer! I don't even
think real drums would have helped. His remake of "Starship Trooper"
is almost as bad as his son's remake on the yes tribute album. If you want
a good Rick Wakeman solo album, try his first three or try last years
_The Piano Album_. (*)

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