Chris Squire- Fish Out Of Water

Album: Fish Out of Water
Artist: Chris Squire
1975 Atlantic

Band members:
Chris Squire: bass, vocals, guitars
Bill Bruford: drums, percussion
Patrick Moraz: organ, bass synthesizer
Mel Collins: sax
Jimmy Hastings: flute
Barry Rose: pipe organ
Andrew Pryce Jackman: acoustic and electric pianos
Nikki Squire: vocals (1)

The leaders of the orchestra were:-
Julian Gaillard: strings
John Wilbraham: brass
Jim Buck: horns
Adrian Brett: woodwind
David Snell: harpist

Written and Produced by Chris Squire

1. Hold Out Your Hand (4:13)
2. You by My Side (5:00)
3. Silently Falling (11:27)
4. Lucky Seven (6:54)
5. Safe (Canon Song) (14:57)

Notes: (*****) In 1975/6, all five members of Yes put out solo albums. Possibly the best Yes solo album, Fish Out of Water is still Squire's only solo album.

The album was not recorded all together. Moraz has said that he did not play with Bruford during the recording sessions as he was doing overdubs. Bruford has complained that he would have played differently if he had known how many overdubs were to be added. (HP, 30 Jul 06)

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