Album: Flags
Artist: Patrick Moraz - Bill Bruford
1985, E.G. Records Ltd; expanded & remastered: 2004, Winterforld Records (Bill Bruford Productions Ltd.)
LP: EGLP 63; CD: EGCD 63; expanded & remastered CD: BBWF002CD

Band members:
Patrick Moraz: Steinway D Concert Grand, Kurzweil 250
Bill Bruford: acoustic & electronic drums, percussion

Produced by Patrick Moraz and Bill Bruford
Recorded at Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland, Jan 1985
Engineers: Barry Radman, Jean Ristori
Technical assistance: Errol Maibach
Mixed by Barry Radman
Remastered by Nick Smith

Bonus tracks recorded at Laforet Museum, Tokyo, 4 Jul 85

Design and art direction: Rob O'Connor for Stylo Rouge
Photography: Gered Mankowitz

1. Temples of Joy [Moraz] (4:53)
2. Split Seconds [Moraz/Bruford] (4:39)
3. Karu [Moraz] (3:45)
4. Impromptu, Too! [Moraz] (3:33)
5. Flags [Moraz] (4:30)
6. Machines Programmed by Genes [Moraz/Bruford] (5:14)
7. The Drum Also Waltzes [Roach] (2:52)
8. Infra Dig [Moraz/Bruford] (3:13)
9. A Way With Words [Moraz/Bruford] (1:36)
10. Everything You've Heard is True [Moraz/Bruford] (6:04)

2004 bonus tracks:
11. Eastern Sundays [Moraz] (7:28)
12. Children's Concerto [Moraz] (5:05)
13. Galatèa [Moraz] (6:35)

The 2004 remaster includes a bonus CD, An Introduction to Summerfold Records.

Notes: On the original CD release, there is a credit "Themes and arrangement: Moraz", but it is unclear whether this refers to track (10) alone or the whole album. No separate credits are given for the live bonus tracks, but it's clearly Moraz on piano and synth and Bruford on drums and percussion. (HP, 27 Nov 2004; thanks to John Sowalsky for providing information)

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