Album: i
Artist: Patrick Moraz
1976 Charisma
CD: VJCP-2544

The Players:
Patrick Moraz: keyboards, vocals, marimbaphone, additional assorted percussions
John McBurnie: lead vocals
Vivienne McAuliffe: vocals, additional lead vocals
Ray Gomez: electric lead and rhythm guitars
Jeff Berlin: electric basses
Alphonse Mouzon: drums (1-7)
Andy Newmark: drums (8-14)
The Percussionists of Rio De Janeiro
Jean-Luc Bourgeois: gongs, tam-tams
Auguste de Anthony: acoustic guitar, additional electric guitars
Jean Ristori: cello, acoustic string bass
Phillippe Staehli: tympanis, assorted percussions
Rene Moraz: tap dance, castagnets
The children of Morat, Switzerland
Veronique Mueller: French and additional vocals

Produced by Patrick Moraz
Engineered by 'Professor' Jean Ristori and Chris 'Snoopy' Penycate

All music and themes composed, arranged, and conducted by Patrick Moraz
Orchestrations by Patrick Moraz
English lyrics by John McBurnie
French lyrics by Patrick Moraz

1. Impact (3:31)
2. Warmer Hands(3:31)
3. The Storm (0:52)
4. Cachaca (Baiao) (4:03)
5. Intermezzo (2:58)
6. Indoors (3:39)
7. Best Years of Our Lives (4:00)
8. Descent (1:43)
9. Incantation (Procession) (1:52)
10. Dancing Now (4:37)
11. Impressions (The Dream) (2:50)
12. Like a Child in Disguise (4:05)
13. Rise and Fall (5:35)
14. Symphony in the Space (2:59)

2006 bonus tracks:
15. Cachaca Variations
16. Cachaca's Children's Voices

Notes: (****) Also known as The Story of ióMoraz calls it by both names.

In 1975/6, all five members of Yes put out solo albums. Moraz guests on two of the other releases (Beginnings and Fish Out of Water) and Moraz included "very special thanks to: Jon, Chris, Steve and Alan  from Yes" in the liner notes.

Parts of the album use material planned for a never recorded second Refugee album (see Refugee). The album features bassist Jeff Berlin, who later performed with Bruford and appeared on the ABWH live album. He was introduced to Moraz by Ray Gomez. McBurnie was also in a band with Gomez at the time and had been in Jackson Heights, Lee Jackson's band before Refugee. He later appeared on two more Moraz solo albums (Out in the Sun and Timecode). (Ray Riethmeier/HP, 30 Jul 06)

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